A Shower

Yesterday while at my parents I asked if I could take a shower. It's a funny thing being 23 and asking for permission to take a shower. But when you have a 1 month old that isn't quite self sufficient yet- maybe by next month-you either clean up with baby, have baby in room, or you put baby to sleep in swing and pray they stay asleep. You also take the fastest shower on record to ensure you get done before they wake. Back to the task. My shower alone, in the morning, thanks to my gracious momma.

Sugar Bean was fed, so I had a little bit of time, precious time. I felt a little like Macaulay Culkin on Home Alone. You know the part, where he's listening to "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas" while combing his hair and trying his dad's aftershave? Yeah my time was like that minus the aftershave, the music, and being home alone. You get the picture.

It was so nice to not have to take a lightening fast shower. I thought about shaving my legs. Then decided against it. Then decided to shave the bottom half, just to make myself feel civilized. Once out of the shower I brushed my teeth. Really brushed them, not just hurrying while bouncing a baby in my arms. Next, I lotioned my legs, because I shaved them. Silky smooth...or something of the sort. After that task I thought, "Hair product, YES." So I carefully picked my hair out and dug around for some product, I put it on. I felt...I dunno but it felt good. Then I remembered the purple nail polish in the cabinet, and get this-I painted my toes. I felt like me again. Last but certainly not least...I smeared some mascara on. Not because I was going or someone was coming but because I wanted to.

Those 20 minutes were familiar and foreign all at once. I'm writing about them because they were nice. Because they were refreshing. Because this whole "Take a Leisurely Shower" situation is few and far between and that's ok-it's what I signed up for.

But after my shower I couldn't wait to get my baby back in my arms. I did just that when I got out of the bathroom. I think she grew while I was in there doing my nails and stuff.

So I've decided I'm never leaving her again.

I wonder who we will take to prom.

Too far?

Too bad.



  1. Really sweet post. And so real and true. I remember when I had my second baby . . . my husband bought me a new, beautiful, lightweight nightgown w/robe and delicious smelling shower gel. After my shower, smelling pretty and looking like a whole new person, I felt wonderful for about an hour and then the milk leaked. Ugh. (But that hour was bliss!)

  2. Oh thats funny! And I can totally relate...wasn't long and my hair was in the way so it went back up and the milk situation...TOTALLY get that, I feel like I smell like cheese 90% of the time between her and me! :)

  3. I love reading your blog. Keep posting on facebook to remind me.
    You're so authentic. ♡