20 days

As I sit here with my hair a bit more greasy than acceptable, a bra a little crustier than I'm comfortable admitting (breastfeeding is not glamorous), and a baby on my chest snoozing while trying to work a burp out I realize that I've had my Millie for 20 days. That doesn't seem possible yet it seems hard to believe that 20 days ago I was able to get multiple loads of laundry done in a day. I used to sleep all night...and most of the morning. It used to just be me and well Jerrel but we took care of ourselves and each other. Now there is this little, tiny, spunky, slightly high maintenance, sweet, beautiful being that requires us, our laundry time, and sleeping time. But thats ok. I think we will keep her. Savor her. Soak up all of her spunk, her sweetness, her noises-however unladylike they may be, and rejoice in this season.

So if my posts are a little random blame it lack of sleep and time. I'm busy just being Momma.



  1. ColoradoConleyMarch 24, 2014

    Congratulations again! Hope you get some sleep. I will miss your more frequent post, but of course I understand!

  2. Thank you! I'm hoping i can post about as often...i'm getting very good at one hand typing!