The Month of Thanksgiving

I'm feeling a bit guilty. I hardly gave Thanksgiving the recognition is deserves. Sure, throughout the whole month of November I was mentally much more aware of the little things I count as blessings. I did not take the time to post them.

It's still November, so here I go,

  1. My Grandparents-they are so kind to let me stay with them.
  2. Burts Bees-best lip balm I've found.
  3. The boys I babysit-always are reminders to be silly, worry less, and take time to snuggle and read.
  4. Aisi-a sweet little girl who even at 5 melts my sometimes cold heart and still lets me hug on her.
  5. Senor Smarty Pant's family-every last one of em'. I'm finally beginning to feel "in."
  6. God's word-enough said.
  7. My iota mug-It's cute and keeps my beverages warm.
  8. Senor Smarty Pants-People, he is one awesome guy.
  9. My family-they are pretty awesome too.
  10. My Lifespan development class-I have learned more than I ever expected and it has been worth every penny, this class is what college is supposed to be like. 
These things are not the only things I'm thankful for, and some of them are trivial but hey I can't always be deep and meaningful. Today I'm just being Thankful.



P is for Procrastination

Today I have perfected my procrastination skills.

It would be fair for you all to now call me "The Princess of Procrastination." Actually "Queen" would fit better, I like alliteration. But, not more than I like "Queen of Procrastination."

I now am a Professional Procrastinator.

Get the Picture?

I've got this "Project." It's supposed to be turned in in paper form. The directions were very open ended and my procedural educational career doesn't always work the best in these situations. Having said that, I've kinda just avoided it.

Hence why I am on my blog right now.

I have done everything else on my list, and then some! I've braided and re-braided my hair. I've talked on the phone to a friend. I've ate 3 cookies. Made hot tea. I've looked for popcorn to make-I don't even really like popcorn. I've pulled my hair into a couple different weird ponytails. Make the madness stop!

The research is basically done. I've even made my source page, which is usually the worst part of any paper. I just can't seem to make myself do it. I really wanted to finish it today....Before I got on here though, I told myself: "Ok. Post on the Blog and then you HAVE to get to it."

So. It's time.



mum's the word monday

Why do I do "mum's the word monday"? 
This morning I almost washed my face with's just safer that I keep words to a minimum on Mondays. 



Bernie's "Facelift"

It was high time Bernie Jones Automotive got some work done. 

The project included lots of prep work and lots of ladder time. We discovered that Evan actually has a small fear of heights. Which is ironic since he is so tall. So Aaron did most of the ladder work.

Then came the paint. We were blessed with wonderful fall weather so things could get done in a fairly reasonable amount of time. 

Next were the soffits. These bad boys needed some help and I just knew that once this part was done the place would look a ZILLION times better. 


It was all Dad's idea to have them be copper and I couldn't have agreed more. So classy and shiny!

And now its done! It looks so good! Every time I go by I am in awe!

And here's my dad on the lot in front of the "face lift!" I'm so proud. Good Job Dad! 
(and mom, who picked out the sign lettering.)




The semester is quickly winding down. Paper deadlines are lurking closer and closer. Suddenly November 28th is not that far off, and I have lots to do between now and then. But a funny thing happens when this time of the semester comes around. my planner gets a workout. It's like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I want to get everything down. I go through the class schedules in all the syllabi that I have and write in all the due dates, days that we are doing group work, and even when I will blow my nose. Ok maybe not that. Anyway, it's weird.

Let me give you and example. On Monday November 21st I will be turning focus questions. I plan to remind myself that my "Concluding Philosophy Statements" for Math Methods are due Friday. Because of this upcoming due date I have penciled in that I will complete and turn them in through email on this day. I will also work on my research paper.

I really shouldn't do this. It only does 1 of 2 things:

  • I become over scheduled and overwhelmed 
  • Time crawls because I'm constantly looking ahead. 
Wait a minute. It actually does 2 of 2 things. It's silly this scheduling I do.




I'm not really a frequent visitor of Youtube. It actually kinda overwhelms me! So many talented people...and not talented people. I prefer people suggest things for me to look up. Anyway, a dear friend posted a video on Facebook, this friend has excellent taste in music so of course I checked it out. WOW. Did I find a talent. So after staying up entirely too late I decided to post one of her videos here. Her voice is so genuine and pure. Plus she looks like such a happy girl. This genre of music fits me. It makes me a happy girl




Season Ender

A funny thing happened this football season. I actually started to really enjoy football. It wasn't just an atmosphere thing. It was a game thing, a sport thing. It was a weird thing. So when the brothers made it to playoffs and we couldn't make the first game I was disappointed but I watched it online. Then the second round came along and Senor Smarty Pants and I had a feeling we should be there. We didn't care that it was a Wednesday, 97 miles away, it was so cold we could have gotten frostbite, or that it would cost us an arm and leg to get in (exaggeration-it was $7 and person, poor college kids remember-we actually timed it though so we walked in the same time as my dad-Score!) I know I felt like as a sibling when these type of things come up-you get there, if at all possible. 

So the game started and it was freezing. I love the sound the pads make as they collide. Gruesome? Maybe.

There was all kinds of "Trojan Spirit" running around the field. Including this cool cat with the wig, he shall remain nameless. 

They played and they played hard. But they got some bad breaks, and some injuries. 

#30! Aaron!
And I began to realize this would be the last game. The last game of the season. The last game Aaron would play. Probably the last time I'd see him all suited up in football gear. They all look so tough in football gear.

And here's the real tear jerker, the last time my little annoying brothers would be a on a team together. Well they are quite a team but you know. They worked toward the same goal, in the same organization, together. Listen to me, putting a feminine, sentimental spin on all this. I just know that it was cool for them. 

I am so thankful we went. We both got to watch our brothers hit a milestone. finish something they started-even if it wasn't the ending they wanted. 

Ok, I'm going to go cry a little now, don't worry not too much and I'll be alright.
Good Season Brothers.




Lately I have been getting my craft on. It's something about the Fall and change of season. It also has to do with the fact that Senor Smarty Pants has an apartment this school year so it has kinda become my project. He had most everything as far as big furniture. We went garage saling and received a few "donations" from family members so he was off to a pretty good start. I've made curtains and pillows, all in an effort to make it warmer, but "manly," and to entertain myself.

Well, in my "professional decorating" opinion he is in need of some chatskis- you know little things to set around, to mix in with the rest of the place. I'm on the hunt for interesting, graphic, things. So I had a brilliant idea (word brilliant is being used loosely) to get him a "J," for his first name. I thought it would be a simple little thing, if I could get it decorated right.

Vintage Jewelry?-Nope
Wrapped in Ribbion?-Nope
Painted?-Kinda boring.
Twine?-YES rough texture=manly-right?

Turned out pretty cool! 

All you need is the letter, a ball of twine, hot glue gun, scissors. Just glue and wrap, glue and wrap. the curve was the tricky part, but I just made a design, like it was supposed to be all bunched up right there. I am pretty pleased with the product. Now what else can I wrap in twine....