A Few Little Updates...

So I realized I have brought up some topics but haven't really updated the blog on any of the happenings.

Aaron made it to state FFA in welding! He is competing this weekend. He was pretty excited! I know I hadn't ever brought that up but I just wanted to share. So proud of him!

I added a major. I haven't been too enthralled with the Education Program, mainly because it seems redundant and not exactly challenging, basically something just isn't right. So when I went to my advisor and said, "Megan I'm bored." like a spoiled 8 year old, she helped me find a new major, Family Studies. Hopefully this will meet my interests in family's and help chill the "I just want to be a mom." fever down for a while. So Elementary Ed and Family Studies are my majors now. I think it will create great marketability and be very interesting, I like the idea of working with the family unit.

Last but certainly not least, the most important and exciting news: Senor Smarty Pants got into UNMC Nursing School! Praise the Lord! He was so excited. I cannot express the joy I felt seeing the joy in his eyes. That moment is going down in our history as one of my favorites. :) He got in the K-town division so thats extra exciting and brings relief! I was and am so proud of him, I wanted to tell everyone...and I pretty much did tell everyone I saw...or I prompted him to. 

Those are all the update I can think of for now...I might be adding more know my mind is a scattered place. :)



  1. I'm so excited for you and your new major, I think you're going to love it! I would go back to school to do that too if I could : ) I congrats to the new UNMC student!

  2. Congrats to Senor Smarty Pants;)

  3. Hey, family studies is an awesome choice, that was my sure to take Dr. Stolzer!!!! Best teacher I have ever had!!!! I think you would love her, she teaches I think 3 of the mandatory classes if not more. It is a great department to be in and the teachers and classmates were great! Congrats Senor Smarty Pants on the big news of getting into UNMC!

  4. Taking Dr. Stolzer's class will get you hooked, you will never be the same!

  5. I have one class with her I've heard great things! Also with Sylvia is she? I guess now its my minor also, after looking at the timeline...i decided I should probably graduate sometime. :)

  6. Yeah that is why I didn't double major because I didn't want to go to school longer than 4 years haha! Dr. Asay is ok. She is sooo nice just not as good as Dr. Stolzer, her classes were always easy during lecture and not too much homework just a few papers here and there. But her tests were not as easy, not that they were really hard but you do need to study a bit least I did :)

  7. good to know. thanks for the tips nattie! :)