I was up at 3:45 am. Yes, to watch the Royal Wedding that everyone and their dog was and still is buzzing about. I am fascinated by the Royals, their history, their present day role and lives and I for one was not going to miss this piece of history. I don't regret getting up one bit. 

Could she be anymore stunning?

I'll admit also, that one of the big reasons I got up was to see the fashion. I'm a sucker for looking at pretty
 dresses, and those hats!

Sorry about showing off the bald spot Prince William...but we are all looking at Kate's dress anyway! 

The wedding was beautiful, all of it. 

Ok. There, thats my post about the Royal Wedding. You shouldn't have to hear about it again. :) 

Click here to view the pictures I posted and much much more! This site has beautiful photos. 


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