A Little Bit of Time

Jerrel bought a new range finder with his Cabella's points a couple weeks ago. Anyone else's husband rack up and hoard those points like it's their job? It took him weeks of researching (ahem, obsessing) to decide which one to get. Then one night he said "Cabella's has this one on sale...I wouldn't have to use as many points." 


So he did and now I don't "get" to hear about all the features and options of the various models. And he's moved on to a new mission-rack up points and spend them on a new firearm. Men. 

But when the range finder came in we boogied on over to his parents house so that he could test it out. It was a beautiful evening and Jerrel asked me if I wanted to go along.

Millie was in the kitchen with Gramacita and so we went outside together and spend a little bit of time together-with Chester. Well kinda together he walked around range finding and I lagged behind snapping pictures.

It was weird to have both hands to take a photo. It was odd to not say "Not in your mouth Millie." But it was nice to just have a little bit of time with just us.

Us and these weird little berry things.

I like to get up close and personal with nature as these pictures prove.

He'd walk a ways and then tell me how far he was from me. It was a riveting adventure.

Jerrel's parents have a really great area to shoot. Both for the firearm variety and the camera variety.

I kinda got left behind. There's my boys. This fall has been gorgeous, in color and weather. 

Once I caught up. We discovered I have a gift. A gift that will make Jerrel's range finder obsolete. 

I am impeccably good at estimating distances. He would tell me where he was finding I'd throw out a number and lo' and behold I would be pretty dang close.

Think of all the points he could have saved!

My range finding secret? Oh I'll never tell.

Our walk was nice-a little bit of time with just us.



Fall On A Friday

I surely don't mind waking up to this smell. 

This. This brownish mush. Crisp but cozy. Spicy yet sweet.

We have the makings for apple butter in our crock pots. They've been stewing all night. It took much of my willpower to not get a spoon and just dive in. But no. Save it for the homemade bread. Save it for the pretty jars. Ok, just one tiny taste. Apple butter-it's a good thing. You guys...seriously, my entire house smells delicious. I can't get over it. 

The leaves out my window are orange, the apples are about done, and the inside of my house smells delectable. I think I'll make some bread too to just finish off my senses. 

Good Fall on a Friday. 



7 Months of Millie

The 4th of the month has come around again. This time it seemed to be here much quicker. For I feel like I just sat down, uploaded a slew of pictures of my then 5 month old and wrote silly captions. But yet I'm here again. With a new slew of cuteness.

This month has been full of walking around anything we can stand up next to, playing with our puppy, and screeching. Lots of screeching. 

Oh and chewing. There is always the chewing. 2 teeth worth of chewing! 

Baby hands, baby skin, baby lashes. Sigh. 

Laundry Lady. 

Many people have asked me. How is she at night? Well she's a baby, an exclusively breastfed baby. A textbook exclusively breastfed baby. Yippie for me. So what does that all mean? Ask the Milk Meg.

Falling asleep while eating, but put her down and she's right back up. So we have short naps unless we are held or put right back to sleep by nursing. 

Still waking frequently to nurse at night. I can tell you the last time I got 4 hours in a row. It twas night of March 2nd. 

Cluster feeding in the predawn hours. My best sleep happens between 12 and 5. But remember I'm up between then at least once too. 

Sometimes the nap is the entire nursing session. 

This is natural. It's normal. That's my mantra. And sleep? That's just somebody that I used to know. But the new somebody. Well their cuter and more fun anyway. 


We went to the Funky Junk Market. And one of the artists brought this fun "little" thing. We propped Millie up, had Jerrel spot her, and snapped a shot. Remember the giant chair a few months ago? I'm telling you people-this is why you have kids. 

We are highly mobile and prefer to be upright as to crawling. And sometimes that preference is hard on our wardrobe choice. You can about guess how productive this situation was. 

And then there is Chester. Lovable, silly, patient, Chester. My friend asked last week how the two were getting along. I said. "Well, right now Millie's got her hand in his mouth and is laying on his neck. So pretty well I think." 

Don't worry I did get her hand out and washed immediately. 

Sometimes I worry Millie is being too mean, or rough with him. We talk about being gentle and nice. But my girl just does what she does right and now. And Chester's kinda the same.

But while Millie is using him as leverage to stand up, or pulling on his tongue (true story), or poking at his eyes he just lays there, sniffs her, licks her, and takes it with a smile.

It looks like somebody's up to something...

Eh. Never mind. Chester give me a head up. Thanks!

We have also been making our way to some football games. Unfortunately Uncle Ev has an injury that has him not playing the rest of the season but we still like going to cheer on the home team!

Resting up before the big game!

We had homecoming and Evan made court. We decided to get a picture to remember the occasion.

Millie didn't like that idea.

Millie REALLY didn't like that idea.

Ready for Husker Game day now! Uncle Ev also got Millie some Husker apparel-she's ready every Saturday! 

Millie can stand for about a second on her own. I can get out One thousand one, one thou....then she falls. It's makes my heard skip every time.. And she is always trying to transfer to the next available object.

Mom, this dog is so crazy fun! 

So today marks 7 months of meeting MIllie and it was a breathtakingly beautiful day. We were able to bundle up a bit and head to the lake for lunch and the better part of the afternoon. 

We played with Grandpa and Grandpa.

And ate leaves.

But just a couple leaves.

Then we came home to a sleepy daddy and tried to get a 7 month picture.

But ate a remote instead. 

Then Daddy came around and made Millie make this goofy face. 

From 6 months to 7 months. 

Tonight we were in the kitchen and Jerrel was looking at Millie. He said, "Millie stop looking at me like that. You look 13. Then before I know it you will be 20 and then married." Well I don't think she looks quite like she's 13 but whatever you say Daddy...I think you are starting to get sentimental...

Happy 7 months baby girl. We love you big much!



Thrifty Thursday...It's Back!

Thriftier; Thriftiest 
1. Thriving by industry and frugality: prosperous. 

It's Thrifty Thursday, the time of the week where I share my thrifty finds from garage sales, antique shops, and of course thrift stores.

So check us out on Thursdays...even if it's late because you never know what I will have found. 
I've decided to bring Thrifty Thursday's back. Something lighter, something fun, and something I'm doing quite often. 

This week- a Pea Green Coat. 

Or is it a Green Pea Coat?

Either way I'm pretty fond of this find. It still had the prices tags on it...that read $89.95. And I got it for $2.00! That's right $2.00. 

I just think it's adorable. And because I live in small town America...if the past owner of this coat recognizes it. I have one thing to say to you. THANKS!