Fall On A Friday

I surely don't mind waking up to this smell. 

This. This brownish mush. Crisp but cozy. Spicy yet sweet.

We have the makings for apple butter in our crock pots. They've been stewing all night. It took much of my willpower to not get a spoon and just dive in. But no. Save it for the homemade bread. Save it for the pretty jars. Ok, just one tiny taste. Apple butter-it's a good thing. You guys...seriously, my entire house smells delicious. I can't get over it. 

The leaves out my window are orange, the apples are about done, and the inside of my house smells delectable. I think I'll make some bread too to just finish off my senses. 

Good Fall on a Friday. 



  1. Nancy ConleyOctober 24, 2014

    I made some in the slow cooker a couple of weeks ago. We have been piling it high on the toast and pancakes ever since! YUM!

  2. I hear ya Nancy! Was this not the easiest thing too?! I'm so pleased it worked like it said it would! YUMMO!