Thrifty Thursday

Thriftier; Thriftiest 
1. Thriving by industry and frugality: prosperous. 

It's Thrifty Thursday, the time of the week where I share my thrifty finds from garage sales, antique shops, and of course thrift stores.

There is not such thing as "Just running into the thrift store." or "Just glancing around." We just say that for effect. And it's finds like the ones below that keep us coming back for more. 

Blog meet my new basket purse and 2nd favorite to my Fossil. Basket purse meet my blog. This thing is in mint condition, I'm thinking it just sat around in someone's closet for years. I'm vowing to not do such a thing. It needs to see the light of day! 

And the inside is just as cute! 

Told ya so.

Another excellent find, if I do say so myself.



Wedding Wednesday

I had the most wonderful weekend. My aunt and cousins threw a Bridal shower for me on Saturday. It was really the first time that I felt like a bride-that was different. 

When I got the invitation I was instantly excited and in love with the idea for the shower! 

I am forever thankful for my cousin Alissa for taking the pictures you see here. So gld she could capture some of the moments!

I was so thrilled with everyone that showed up. It was so uplifting to be surrounded by "my people."

The party planners so get me. Snack trays? Hello, adorable. 

Annnd the grub was pretty good too! The gooey stuff? That's banana's foster, I could have ate my weight in it and then some. YUM. 

I'm not a big game person but the little games that were included in the shower were really great. We had a "The Price Is Right." game where food items for each meal were in a bag and the total price for the meal was guessed. If Grandma Woods would have been there she would have creamed us all. 

The other game included separate interviews of both Jerrel and I. Participants then had to guess who's answer was read. I was just a little scared. Questions included: Where is one place you would like to go together? What is your favorite thing about the other person? How many children do you want? Etc. 

The gifts were arranged according to their "time" and we opened them like we were going through the day. It was so fun. 

The thing that really warmed my heart was the kind of gifts I received. The things weren't all new and shiny. They weren't totally state of the art. Nope, so many of them had a history. Like the tea set above, it's from a thrift store. One of my friends picked it up for us. And I adore it. My Great Aunt gave me my Granny's rolling pin and a dish she used for pickles. Grandma Smith gave me her 61 year old cast iron skillet. It was one of her own wedding gifts. Those things about had the water works going. Grandma Carol gave me an old butter dish. My mom gave me blue Mason Jars filled with pasta. 

Don't get me wrong though, there are shiny gifts that I'm thrilled about..a bread machine to be specific. Score! My hinting to Grandma J worked.  

I had lots of helpers. Love my family. 

I think Red has a future in the moving industry. Her commentary while bringing presents to and fro made me giggle. Like after I received the pillows and sheets she stated, "Hmm, now all you need is a bed." Thank you for the memo Missy.

There was conversation and advice. Love and laughter and it was special to be around these people for this shower especially since we are going away for our wedding. It was nice to celebrate with them.  

Speaking of laughter...Thank you Auntie Kris.

Such special friends came for the brunch and I was able to share a family heirloom I'll be wearing on the big day with them. I'll share that with you all hopefully next week.

Thank you again for the shower ladies!

That's this week's Wedding Wednesday.

4 weeks!



Wedding Wednesday

It's about that time! Time to get the invites out so I've decided to share them again. Overview the creative process and oogle over some of the little details that I just adore.

Before this whole process started I should have really bought stock in burlap-if that was possible. I now own quite a bit and have completed various projects with it. The edges of said projects are frayed and in order to complete them we had to pull these little strings.

These strings were going to haunt me in my sleep if I didn't not find a use for them. Thankfully for my sleep cycle, my mom took my overall inspiration, substituted a few things-namely these strings-and tada! We have a use for them. 

I cut some small tags with the Cricket to tie onto the invitations with my burlap strings. I typed the catchy little phrase "tying the knot." with the typewriter. Under that I used an everyday office date stamp to stamp our wedding date.

I decided to make the invitations on Kraft paper. I loved the instant warmth and organic look it had. So I did some work on the wording and then began the process of finding fonts. This type of task can keep me up at night. I am very particular in fonts and typography. I wanted a calligraphy look but Jerrel thought that was too girly. I also wanted a font that was pretty and plain but Jerrel likes plain. Like Times New Roman plain. So we found a compromise and I think they turned out wonderful.

The Kraft paper needed some color and dimension so we found these paper and fabric flowers and cute brads. I liked the fact that this technique was going to make each individual invitation different, unique in it's own right. It also allowed me to not have to commit to one specific style-because that goes against just about every fiber of my being when it comes to design. Just ask my bulletin board.

So now back to my strings and tags, we tied them around the finished invite. Tying the "tying the knot." tag in the middle. Clever huh. 

Then we ran into a hiccup. The invites were a little thick and the envelopes didn't want to stay shut.

Nothing a little envelope glue and decorative tape can't handle. 

And finally let me relish in the beauty of the final touch. My stamps. I want to buy all of these and never buy stamps again. Are they not darling? 

Mom asked if they had any stamps for weddings, they showed the ones with hearts...some with white roses....finally the vintage seed packets. SOLD.

So that's the invite saga. I am so very pleased with how they turned out. 

Thats this week's Wedding Wednesday. 

5 Weeks! FIVE. 



Wedding Wednesday

Jerrel's so very close to graduating nursing school. He's been doing an internship and has enjoyed the time there. Over the last three weeks I've really gotten to see the personality of a nurse come out in him. I don't know if you know this but-nurses are a different breed. I mean that in the best way possible. But they are and have to be to do what they do all day.

Things like wanting to look at gory sports injury videos during free time, or popping pussy nasties for a high. Another favorite? Being a little mad they aren't working when you see the Flight for Life helicopter coming into town. I'm not trying to totally make light these sometimes very serious situations, I'm just saying nurses are different. A good different.

And we all know I like different. So when I stumbled upon a website with a wonderful little ditty about marrying a nurse I knew it was my Wednesday's post. I'll admit, I wish the article was a little more tongue and cheek and please excuse the awkward photos. As I was reading through I could agree with all of them-for the most part.

The eating healthy thing comes when I gently remind Jerrel to do so. That boy is one big stomach growl. He can always eat, eat lots, and eat junk. But that's why I'm here right?

So on May 23rd not only am I marrying Jerrel, I'm apparently winning the lottery and I plan on staying away from being the next TLC special.

5 Reasons Marrying A Nurse Is Like Winning the Lottery

Us circa 2011




It's my furry friends' 6th birthday today. Happy Birthday to the sweetest dog on the planet.

I love Lucy and she Loves me...You sang that right?



It happened.

It happened. The thing that my Education teachers said happens to them. Something I just scoffed at.

You see last week I had to give a presentation in my Aging Adult class. It's a class full of people who want to be therapists, social workers, counselors, professors, there is even a grad student or two in there. Not a soul in there but me who regularly talks about reading levels, what to do with the kid who picks his nose and eats it, or the little girl who tattles. But that's also what I like about this class. Or so I thought.

It was my turn to get up and give my 5 minute talk. I walked up and felt great. I love public speaking. Or so I thought. I brought up my powerpoint, took a deep breath, like I always do before I begin, and looked out into my audience and-froze. My tongue felt like it went down my throat my mind went blank-totally and completely blank. The eyes staring at me were not 5 or even 11. Their hands were not bothering their neighbor. I didn't have to say "Are we ready to learn?" I didn't have to hear about 45 pets before I began.

No, these eyes were adults. They were not looking at me with admiration and excitement. These eyes weren't the pool of innocence that I feel the kindergartners I work with have. This same innocence that gives me comfort. I got through my talk, but I left feeling so embarrassed. Could everyone tell how nervous I was, Lord I hope not. Could they here the break in my voice as I read poetry? Could they tell that my lungs didn't want to work so taking a breath was laborious?

My professors always say they are nervous in front of us college kids. That teaching us is light-years different because of our age. I never really understood. Until it happened to me.

Here's to public speaking to 5-11 year olds forever!



Wedding Wednesday

Either my mom or I makes a weekly pass through the thrift store. We are currently using the wedding as our excuse but you and I both know that once this hooplah is over we will still be weekly visitors. The ladies will still hold things back for us to check out before it goes to the floor. We will still be giddy over the little finds that we collect on said trips. 

These lanterns were a real stumble upon, mom bought a few for her store window. We then got to looking and saw that the red-ish ones would look great for the reception. So I boogied back over and bought all they had. So for under a $2.00 we have a little collection of Danish vintage paper lanterns. Go us! 

And that's this weeks Wedding Wednesday. 

7 weeks!