Wedding Wednesday

It's about that time! Time to get the invites out so I've decided to share them again. Overview the creative process and oogle over some of the little details that I just adore.

Before this whole process started I should have really bought stock in burlap-if that was possible. I now own quite a bit and have completed various projects with it. The edges of said projects are frayed and in order to complete them we had to pull these little strings.

These strings were going to haunt me in my sleep if I didn't not find a use for them. Thankfully for my sleep cycle, my mom took my overall inspiration, substituted a few things-namely these strings-and tada! We have a use for them. 

I cut some small tags with the Cricket to tie onto the invitations with my burlap strings. I typed the catchy little phrase "tying the knot." with the typewriter. Under that I used an everyday office date stamp to stamp our wedding date.

I decided to make the invitations on Kraft paper. I loved the instant warmth and organic look it had. So I did some work on the wording and then began the process of finding fonts. This type of task can keep me up at night. I am very particular in fonts and typography. I wanted a calligraphy look but Jerrel thought that was too girly. I also wanted a font that was pretty and plain but Jerrel likes plain. Like Times New Roman plain. So we found a compromise and I think they turned out wonderful.

The Kraft paper needed some color and dimension so we found these paper and fabric flowers and cute brads. I liked the fact that this technique was going to make each individual invitation different, unique in it's own right. It also allowed me to not have to commit to one specific style-because that goes against just about every fiber of my being when it comes to design. Just ask my bulletin board.

So now back to my strings and tags, we tied them around the finished invite. Tying the "tying the knot." tag in the middle. Clever huh. 

Then we ran into a hiccup. The invites were a little thick and the envelopes didn't want to stay shut.

Nothing a little envelope glue and decorative tape can't handle. 

And finally let me relish in the beauty of the final touch. My stamps. I want to buy all of these and never buy stamps again. Are they not darling? 

Mom asked if they had any stamps for weddings, they showed the ones with hearts...some with white roses....finally the vintage seed packets. SOLD.

So that's the invite saga. I am so very pleased with how they turned out. 

Thats this week's Wedding Wednesday. 

5 Weeks! FIVE. 


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