30 Years

I remember being a little girl and asking my mom a very important question. I have no idea if she remembers this conversation but I sure do. 

I know I was little because I remember looking up to her as I asked. I remember the wide trim around the doorway and the green carpet of our living room. My brothers were off somewhere and I think this question came out of the blue because we were just standing in the middle of the room. 

I don't remember how I worded it but my question had to do with if my parents where going to get a divorce. This question wasn't because of some turmoil in my own home, but a friends. Which friend, I again do not remember. But what I do remember? My mother's answer. 

"No, we won't ever get divorced. Daddy and I made a promise the day we got married." She referenced the picture I'd seen before of them standing at the front of a little country church saying "I do." It flashed in my memory. Just that simply my Momma answered the question and sent me on my way. 

Back then that answer was satisfying. As I got older I unfortunately learned most people "make that promise" when they get hitched. Sometimes though, things still fall apart and promises are broken. But through that simple answer, years together, and living those vows I see that when you say what you mean and mean what you say. It can work, but not only work it can thrive. Of course there are the proper conditions or channels to make marriage a success. Choosing well, building a foundation, making time, enjoying each other, accepting each other, trusting the Lord. among other things that make it all happen. But did and do my parents do especially well?

Chose well.
Work hard-for each other-not solely for their own gain or accolades.
Continue to choose each other.

Many moons have passed since they said "I do" in that country church and since I asked that deep question to my Momma. But now as a married woman myself I see the importance of the commitment. I totally understand as to why that simple answer Momma gave was more than enough.

30 years is a long time and I pray I'm able to enjoy the same milestone with my husband. So very thankful for all my parents years together. Happy 30th Anniversary!



  1. Happy 30th Anniversary Pat and Linda and heres to 30+ more years together. Jerrel and Jessica I'm sure you'll make that mile stone just fine!!