2016 New Year

It's looking like a tradition for me to write a post on the New Year. Maybe it's the extra motivation that comes with the change of date. I just went back and read the post I wrote exactly one year ago. 

And it was good. 

And so true. 

And as I sit here trying to churn out a post for old time's sake...I got nothing. 

And I'm not sure why. 

We had a fantastic year. We celebrated Millie's first birthday. We got chickens (something I'm obviously very proud of). We spent copious amounts of time out at the lake. Millie met all kinds of milestones and continues to humble, test, and inspire us. Jerrel and I continued to grow and delight in our marriage. We seriously love our life. At the same time though, we can't help but wonder what's next. A little bit of restlessness is rustling in our bones and though we aren't really talking about it we both can feel it. It's time for a shake up of sorts and we have some things we aren't sharing just yet but they are going to make 2016 another great chapter in our book. 

So my New Years post doesn't seem as strong this time around. It's not as emotional but that's no indication as to the kind of year we have had. It's been crazy awesome, fantastically blessed, and wonderfully full. So very thankful for it all and so excited to see and share what's coming next. 

Happy New Year!


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