I decided to try one of my Rachael recipes I have collected. They are called, "Open Faced Monte Cristo Clubs. Oh man were they good! Thanks to Senor Smarty Pants for his help. The boys thought they were "pretty good" so I'm gonna take this is a keeper!  

You see, for a monte cristo, prepare the bread like french bread. But instead of making it sweet with vanilla and such, you make it savory. This recipe we put in a touch of hot sauce, (I put in more than it called for and still wasn't bothered by it) and salt and pepper. Cool huh?!

 They had this delicious sauce made of dark maple syrup and grainy Dijon mustard...
Then I made a apple pie with a crumb topping. Super easy and delish! 

Here is the website for this wonderful recipe. Enjoy!



Thanksgiving..Wrap Up!

Well from Toothbrushes to family and Macs and Senor Smarty Pants, I gave gratitude to the things in my life that stood out that particular day. It was good for me! I'm thinking that this might be a good random thing to do...after all we shouldn't be Thankful only one month, one week, or one day of the year. It should be everyday. I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving with many things to be Thankful for as well.

Now...its time for CHRISTMAS! I don't know even were to start! :)



Thanksgiving...The Greatest Blessing

Well the big day is here! I am stuffed. So much good food, so much great family, and so much fun! Today I am going to talk about...My faith, and my God, he is the one we are thanking, after all.
Our God is fair and just, loving, and wonderful. My faith is something that gives me purpose. Something that gives me goosebumps when I think that there is a plan for me. I want to share the love of the Lord with everyone. I want to be his hands and feet, I want to live a life that leads. I am so thankful for the blessings he has given me. 
I  am oh so thankful for you God!


Thankful...Home Sweet Home

Today I am thankful for the roof over my head. The warm place I get to come to and get warm or cool, and comfy. It is cozy, welcoming, and pretty. It a place with many memories and a place where I can really be me. The place where I want to be a majority of the time, I am so thankful I have the opportunity to be there often.

 The place where I love and am loved.

Oh so thankful for my home.



Thankful...Parental Unit

Today I was thinking about how excited I was to be home with my family. Namely my immediate family. Yesterday I blogged about how thankful I am to have my brothers and today I feel it is fitting and well deserving to express my gratitude for my parents.

First my momma, she is quite a lady. She is smart, practical, creative, nurturing, and funny. She is honest with me and puts up with my moods. She knows me so well, sometimes it's scary! She works extremely hard and took a huge risk that I will forever admire her for. Last year opened her own hair salon in town. All on her own. She now does hair, sells purses and other accessories and clothing items. She has been a great success and this move made me see how much guts and brains she truly has. People love her! She is a genuinely happy person, she loves the career and life she has. She doesn't care what others think, she knows that she is serving her LORD and that's all that matters. She is kind to people. She is a wonderful wife and mother and I am so blessed to have her as an example.

Next my daddy, this man is interesting. I am actually unsure if I can truly put into words how much I look up to him. He is smart and works harder than anyone I know. I remember missing him dearly when he would work late, as girl. People love him and he can talk to anyone. I think my dad is handsome and always looks nice, something I have taken from him. I think my dad is hilarious, ridiculous most of the time, and will help anyone out. He is very honest and a smart business man. He is always supporting my mother. He always makes sure we go on a summer vacation, we haven't had a year without a vacation. He is the ultimate provider, something I have learned to look for in men. My dad and I have very similar personalities. That has led to some pretty ugly and interesting fights, we are both quick to anger and quick witted. I have always loved my dad and in the last few years I realized how big of a soft spot I have for that man! So thankful him

Now for the "Unit." These people met on a blind date! Imagine the odds! They were only 20 when they got married and they will celebrate their 25th Anniversary this January! (yes I know I am aging them!) That is something to be proud of. They are a wonderful example of a healthy, supportive, smart, and Christian marriage. They are a true team. They balance each other. They have taught us kids to love and be kind to each other and others. They push us to do our best, and know we are capable of so much.  So blessed I have been raised by these wonderful people. Praise the Lord!

Oh so thankful for my Parental Unit!



Thankful...Oh Brothers

I have two rowdy, suddenly bigger than me, ornery brothers. I love them dearly and though they would never admit it, I..."think" they like me too. They are fun, funny, smart, helpful and "strong!"

First we have Aaron. He is three years younger than me...that puts him at 17 eek..doesn't seem possible. Aaron has always been my buddy. Poor kid, I had him dress up and put makeup on with me when we were cute and small. I think he is a genius on the guitar. He had some lessons but he is so good at just picking stuff up. It brings me great joy when I am at home and I get to hear his playing throughout the house. He is mild mannered...until you get him really mad. He doesn't say much most of the time, but I love talking with him. He is the first to taste test anything I make. He works hard at everything he does, even if it doesn't come easy. People instantly like A, its hard not to. He listens to me when I give advice on what he should wear and I genuinely love spending time with him and miss him when I am at school. Oh so thankful for A.

Now Evan. This. Kid. Is. Something. Else. He is a smart aleck and loves to talk. More than he likes to listen! He is six years younger than me...that puts him at 14...again...eek doesn't seem possible! He is tall and thin. Extremely talented at any sport he does and ridiculously smart. Mom tries to tell him to study...he doesn't and gets a 98% on the test...what can she say? Study to get those two points?! He is so helpful as well. All I have to say, "Evie Pie, (yes that is the nick name I have given him, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!) will you get me (enter thing I don't want to get up for here) and he is so great. Water, a blanket, a snack, advil, whatever I need. :) E is fun to visit with, and he loves to visit. There are also times where we have to have "quite time" because E has been chatting for quite a while. Mom says I was just like that, maybe so...I am so thankful for E!

I love hanging out with my brothers. They have become more like friends. Sure they may drive me nuts but they are so funny and help me do one of my favorite things: LAUGH!

I am oh so thankful for my little...bigger than me brothers.



Thankful...My Toothbrush

Today it occurred to me how thankful I am to have my toothbrush. I know this may seem silly and trivial, but I love brushing my teeth. I feel so clean and refreshed afterward. My teeth tend to be the focal point of my face at times...they are on the large side. A trait I inherited from my paternal Aunts. We all have the same mouth and teeth. So, I find it important to keep my teeth sparkling. My tooth brush allows me to do just that. Some do not have this opportunity to have the hygiene and some simply do not mind if it is lacking. Not me!

I am very thankful for my toothbrush!



Thankful...My Mac and Me

I am thankful for my Apple MacBook. I love it. I understand that it is an extreme luxury, but it is one that I don't take for granted. I was raised in a home without a computer and now it seems odd that I have one. In todays world you can't "Do College" without access to a computer and I am thankful that I have one that goes everywhere with me. It makes it possible for me to write my papers and do other homework at my convenience. 

My Mac is easy for me to use. It allows me the ability to keep in touch with family and friends that I otherwise wouldn't know near as well. It helps quench my thirst for more knowledge and random facts. It allowed me the ability to video chat with Senor Smarty Pants last year while we were apart and chat with other old friends. It is reliable and fun. Without this access this blog wouldn't happenin'. With all the issues in the world today this post may sound trivial, or even too privileged. There are people who don't have clean water to drink and never even caught a glimpse of a computer. But I recognize those facts, and do my best to not take for granted the way of life the LORD has given me. 



Thankful...Senor Smarty Pants!

Today I am thankful for, wait I take that back I am thankful everyday for Senor Smarty Pants. You had to know I couldn’t go these seven days and not mention him! He is the best, simply the best. He is patient, kind and oh so smart! I could brag about him everyday, all day. He lets me think I am the boss. He listens to me talk and talk and talk and when I am upset he lets me stay mad and then knows just when to help me cool down. He takes care of me in every way possible, in ways I am sure I don’t even recognize.  He encourages me and helps me with my homework. I know he will always support me. 
We have been friends for years, he came to my school in the 7th grade. Although I don’t really remember him until the end of my 8th grade year. He is just too quiet! Then we were friends for a year or two then drifted, then became dear friends again, getting especially close the end of our Junior year and summer before our Senior year, then well...we are here. The fact that he is my forever best friend is my favorite part of us. 
The greatest thing about Senor Smarty Pant’s patience? He waited for me. He told me that he always like this crazy, chatty chick, although I didn’t give him the time of day in that aspect for literally YEARS. He listened to me blab about other boys, but he was patient and says he just “knew” I would come around, he just had to be patient. Maybe that’s the “touch” of ego he has. Otherwise he his not cocky. Competitive yes. Cocky no. 
So I am oh so thankful for my Senor Smarty Pants.



Unless you are completely dense you have noticed the background change. You have also probably noticed the turkey and the word thankful. Well I hope you are also aware that Thanksgiving is only 7 days away. I. Love. Thanksgiving. A. Because its in the fall. B. Because of all the amazing food. C. It's a wonderful time to reflect on what is important and all the blessings GOD has given. D. Lots of family time. And I love my family and Senor Smarty Pant's family. So for the next 7 days I am going to post a "Thankful" post. Some of my facebook friends have been doing this all month but I decided to do it NOW! So without further ado...

I am Thankful for the opportunity to have small babysitting gigs. I was becoming worried about not having a job here and then GOD opened a door. A door that led to another family that needed a reliable and trustworthy babysitter. I'm their chick! These gigs provide me with small spots of cash, and the joy of little ones. They are great people to know. So that's what I am Thankful for today.

P.S. I found my ID...I feel really intelligent telling you this. NOT. I opened my wallet and there it was. I apparently thought my UNK ID was my old CCC ID...Nope, they look completely different with completely different pictures. I guess I just expect to lose things these days so even when they aren't lost, I think they are. :)




Do you know what I would like? I would like to have just ONE week where I am not missing, have not lost or misplaced an important object. I tell ya what, I just can't keep track of things.

Last week it was my sketchbook. I was working on an Art project and I was done so I slid it in it's home, in an under-the- bed storage box, with the rest of my school supplies. I went back a couple days later to get it and it was GONE. I KNEW I hadn't got it out, but it had just vanished. I looked everywhere. In my car, under the bed. In my backpack, repeatedly hunted for this sketchbook. Finally, seven days later I looked under the scene of the kidnapping and looked up, there it was, my sketchbook looking like it was hiding from me, stuck in a support of the bed frame. I never looked UP when I looked under my bed, that was just not a logical option.

Well this week it is the same situation, different story and object. My student ID has decided to play a game of hide and seek with me. I am not a fan of this game. I just had it last week...although the exact day of the last sighting I am unsure of. I do know it was in the pocket of my favorite zip-up sweater. But the day I wore this sweater is under investigation. I don't know where the ID is but I do know where it is not:

Under my bed, under my couch, under my dresser, in my pocket, in my many coats pockets, in my underwear drawer, in my catch all box, in my makeup pouch, in my under-the-bed boxes, in my yarn bag, in my bed, in my backpack, in my get the picture.

This loss wouldn't be a huge deal but Senor Smarty Pants and I want to go to a play this week, as in tomorrow...and I don't have to buy a ticket if I have my ID. 

I am rather scattered lately. When I moved away from home I learned something about myself, I. Like. My. Stuff. I like my stuff around me. I try hard to be organized, I'm not messy or dirty, just scattered. My organization goes something like this: Shoes thrown in that box under the bed. Scarves hung in this general area. All comfy clothes, including pants and shirts in that drawer. Socks aren't always paired up. Everything is generally categorized, but not necessarily specific. That may shock some people. but I guess my stuff is where I let loose! 

But I wish wouldn't have been so loose with my student ID, I don't feel like taking another picture! Any ideas?



Thrift Store Finds...

 We have a Thrift Store in C-town. It's always packed full of stuff and sometimes you can find some really cool items! My mom is the Thrift Store Queen! She goes in there and finds the best deals, clothes and home accents alike. She can see something and instantly know where she can put it, what she could do it, and how she can use it. Well she also sometimes finds things for me...things that she knows that I will ooohh and awww over..."vintage" things. Last year I recived a package while at school. Inside, was the cutest vintage, light blue-green sweater, the sleeves come to my elbows, it ends at my waist and it has lace along the front, beside the buttons. But her latest find has me oohh-ing and aww-ing all over again.  

This is my new adorable apron! Its a party apron, made of tulle. It set her back a quarter, steal! Women used to wear these when they would be a hostess or serve cake or refreshments at a function. May not be the most practical but it's too adorable to not love. Anyone have a party they need me to serve cake or something? Not that I need an excuse to wear it. 

Between you and me, I randomly put it on and fluff out the tulle. 
This is me "hangin' by the oven" ridiculous, I know. 
My momma is the best:
1. She loves me.
2. She laughs with me
3. She knows me and what I enjoy.
4. She brings these things home to me.
5. She humors me and does these silly photo shoots for this blog.
( and acts like she doesn't mind)
6. There are many many more reasons why she is the best. 
This apron is one of my favorite things! Thanks momma and love you!




I have seen this guy on a talk show before. He is a Genius, I believe. This stuff makes me even more passionate about Education. In one of my Education classes last year my teacher showed us so many different teaching techniques, ones that where hands on, outside of the box, engaging. I want to continue this cycle. I would highly suggest you watch more of Sir Ken Robinson's lectures. They are humorous and enlightening. Maybe you wont get as much enjoyment and have as much interest in them as I do, but just by being aware you can help our youth.



Another Season in the Books.

Well I really don't like that I even have to write this. (which is weird because I don't really get into the whole sports scene.) But C-town lost last night. 25-26. Ouch. We came out to play but just weren't ourselves for a bit and then when we did get the momentum rolling we just couldn't quite seal the deal. We led much of the 2nd half but an amazing play and pass by the other team gave them the led. Then we made a touchdown, but a block in the back, before the touchdown was made caused that touchdown to be revoked. And so the game ended badly, and I had to look at some 30 boys VERY upset. We just ran out of time, or it didn't move fast enough during certain points. 

I had no idea that I could get into a football game so much. I'm blaming Senor Smarty Pant's mom, she was all sorts of excited. She wasn't even cold because she couldn't sit still. She would get all excited and grab me and Senor Smarty Pants, she was yelling, it was fun! So she rubbed off on me and next thing I knew, I was yelling, squirming and pretty soon I couldn't sit down either. I even caught myself suddenly standing up and jumping in the stands during pretty plays and exciting happenings. (fyi-this happened more than once) My arms were doing pumps and all kinds of stuff. I had no idea I had it in me! It was a fun game to watch, I wish I had another to go to. I love football season. :)



Miss Muffin...Apple Pie!

No need to be confused! These are muffins made to taste like Apple Pie! My mom had some apple pie filling and I knew I could do something with it so onto Google I went. I was led to This place always has the answer. Now, the recipe I used called for just diced apples, not the actual filling, but I just made my apple slices from the can smaller and they worked wonderfully! They had a nice crumb topping too, my personal favorite to almost any recipe with one. Yum Yum Yum.! 



Dear UNK,

Last week you made me mad, very mad. Today you made me very mad again, but helped your case with the wonderfully kind and helpful women in the Parking Services Department. I am not even going to whine about my parking ticket, it was my fault, in fact, I forgot to transfer my parking sticker from the pickup to my Jimmy, now that we have a new transmission. But your two "Get Out of Jail Free" chances are a wonderful asset and the free temporary parking permit you gave me was much appreciated. I think I'm in love with Parking Services Department, but the rest of you...well you're still on my list. You could all take a lesson from those women. Especially you in the Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Leisure Studies Department, yeah you know who you are. 



A Music Snack!

I have really random tastes in music. It's fairly broad. Today I decided to just post a bunch of my favorites, that I have been craving and listening to often while doing homework. Enjoy! :)

The Judds...classic! I love their sassiness. Just good lyrics and music all around!

Ok...Savage Garden...hey I like their music. Its something different.

Hewy Lewis and Gweneth Paltrow. Love Hewy, and this song.

I could not post these without posting something from Miss Colbie. I told a friend recently that I'm pretty sure she could sing the phonebook and I would love it, in fact I would probably put it on repeat. This a wonderful song of hers, probably one of my favorites.


P.S. C-town won their game last night. So on to the next playoff game we go, on Tuesday. Also, I did end up getting registered for classes and I rearranged my schedule and it looks better now actually...funny how God works. :)


Technicalities Suck...

I don't have bad days often. Really I don't. But when I do, oh man they are a doozy. Yesterday was one of those. 

It is time to register for classes for next semester. Due to my attitude about school lately I really am not all that excited about the prospect of...more school...I need to work on that. But I met with my advisor last week and we got all the classes lined up and figured out, all I had to do was push the enroll button on my account yesterday morning at 7 am. Upon thoroughly looking my account over, we found that I actually didn't have an updated official transcript. I took a summer class and it hadn't been sent to UNK officially yet. I requested that they send it at the end of the Summer semester, last Spring semester but somehow that got lost in translation, it happens. So I had to send for the updated transcript. I faxed the request form on Wednesday and prayed it would be here by Monday, so I could register on Tuesday morning, in the first time slot, with the rest of the juniors. 

You know where I'm going with this don't you?

You guessed it. I checked my account on Monday, and no transcript yet. That meant that I was not registering at 7 and possibly not getting the classes I needed and wanted. I was mad but I knew there was nothing I could do about it till morning so I tried to let it go. I got up and went to school. My advisor was no where to be found-annoying. So I called CCC and asked them if they did in fact get my fax and if they did send my transcript. Don, the friendliest person I talked to, said yes he did get the fax and he sent it on the 29th. He said he hoped it got here quickly for me and that I should go talk to the registrar. (an example on how great CCC's people are) So across campus I went, there was I was met with a nice enough lady, but...she didn't seem to understand what I was saying and she didn't think she could help me, she sent me to admissions, across campus. So I walked over there about ready to lose it, and explained the situation. "I have proof of the fax I sent, I got off the phone with Don 10 minutes ago, he sent it on the 29th, the only class added to the transcript is American Literature from this summer, its just a gen ed," then the big question. "Is there anything you can do for me, anyway you can help me out, so I can register right now, to get the classes I need?" I was met with a "No. We need that transcript before we can lift the hold." Again, this woman was nice enough but in my fragile state I didn't need nice enough I needed kind and helpful. 

Still no advisor, so I went to my pickup, and did what I never do, cried. I cried and cried and cried. People were walking by and I just cried, people where pulling up beside me or leaving and I just cried. I don't remember the last time I cried. I was so frustrated, I was so stuck. Then in true "Miss Jess Meltdown" fashion, all of my frustrations, worries,  some homesickness, and actually missing CCC came out. I couldn't hold it in. It was 8 am, I didn't need this, I'm not a 8 am kind of person anyway. In those moments and in some moments still, I don't want to go to school, I want to go home. I want to skip over the next 3 years. I want my transcript to get here so they can process it and lift the hold so if I do actually want to go to school I can. I want the people in the offices to be much more friendly and helpful, like everyone at CCC, they did anything to help their students out. I want them to see that we are doing the best we can and sometimes the technicalities should be thrown out the window, I'm in there, caring enough to ask, that should be worth something. I want my advisor to be around, to not be missing when I need her, and then when I find her I want her to be helpful as well. I want to feel like I have a purpose-not that I'm just killing time. I want to be fulfilled in what I am doing right now. I want to have some fun! That was my meltdown. 

So as of now, my hands are tied. I can't register, even if I wanted to. Oh...I'll stay in school, I don't know what else I would do. Senor Smarty Pants isn't exactly the "Sugar Daddy" type. But...technicalities suck. 



Fabulous Fall Fotos..

I love alliteration, leave me be! 

This is the view from our kitchen and living room windows.

I love my home. 

 Our little tree with its beautiful fall colors. 

Mom's Mums are always stunning and this year was no exception!



Miss Muffin...Chocolate, Chocolate Chip

These wonderful muffins were more like cupcakes. But A had been asking for the "Death by Chocolate" cake for weeks, so...once again I pacified him with something very chocolaty, tasty, and EASY. I don't know how long I will be able to get away with that! They had a little bit of powdered sugar on them (yes I made a mess) to break up the heavy chocolate taste. I think these treats lasted about...6 hours. Pretty good for us! :)