A Homemaker Update

I decided I liked doing my last Homemaker Update so I thought I'd throw another in. My life isn't glamourous and to most it's not all that exciting. However, I'm tickled pink with my season of life right now so I like giving a glimpse of just what I'm up to. 

So where have I been going? To nurseries. I'm a fall girl. I'm a winter snowstorm girl. But you know what else I am? A spring girl. I love flowers. I love nurseries. I told Jerrel on one of our trips that when I die I want my ashes spread in a greenhouse. He said "Let's talk about this a different time." I may have been caught up in the moment. Honestly though, a greenhouse, with all of it's humid air hitting my face and the freshly watered plants is my happy place.

I'm trying to teach Millie the same love for new life in the spring. 

She has been such a trooper with my multiple trips to greenhouses with my mom and then our big trip with Daddy. She's such a good egg. 

What have I been doing? Well if the greenhouses are any indication then you can probably guess. Digging. Planting. Playing in the dirt. That's us these days. We decided to move the garden to our house this year. Last year it became a little unkempt because we weren't at my parents as much to tend to the space. One side of our front yard just wasn't looking great anyway so we tilled it up and decided to try our hand at deep mulch gardening. So far we are loving it! Between the mulch and the nice rain we have received we haven't watered much. 

We order our seeds from here, in case you were wondering. Everything we have bought is fantastic! So far beans, potatoes, melons, and cucumbers have made their appearance. Tomatoes, peppers, and onions went in today and I planted flowers. It's looking so lively around here, I love it!

So we have spend our days outside, getting tan lines and letting our girl get dirty. Dirt up her nose, in her ears, and under her nails. It's good for her. 

Finally, What have I been eating? In one word: SUGAR. I have an issue. Between working outside, working inside, nursing a 14 month old, and all the other craziness that is life, I'm left hungry and craving food-anything but mostly sugar. Then add graduation Saturday. That means cake. Delicious, wondrous cake. Jerrel made me Mother's Day Maple Bacon Scones on Sunday. Hello Holy Grail of Scones.

Then Monday I decided I needed a vehicle for ice cream. WHEN DOES IT END? I'm one bite away from a cavity. It's time for the garden to be producing so I can kick it when healthy options literally, right outside my door.

In the meantime I think I need some chocolate.


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