Anniversary #2

May 23rd. It's rolled around again. And to prove a few marriage stereotypes correct Jerrel and I have had to remind one another as the day approached. Not because we forgot the date, no, neither of us really pay much attention to a calendar. We just do our days as they come.

Jerrel informed me the 23rd was Saturday and so I know what today is- our 2nd wedding anniversary. This year has been a year of settling in. The changes haven''t been as radical and the routine has been more set. It's this kind of stability though, that has made us grow deeper this year. Our roots have sunk in further and our family has flourished.

Our "settling in" has included some other dreams coming to life. Things like family a canine, eating produce from jars we grew, harvested, and preserved together, chickens, and of course raising our own baby.

These were things we said we wanted with one another by our side.

Our marriage has changed and I know it will continue to, but I also know we will continue to make the choice to cling to one another. We will continue to choose to love, honor, respect, pray for, and laugh with one another. I can't imagine doing this with anyone else and I don't want to.

Happy 2nd Anniversary Jerrel.


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