The Graduate

I hid my head under a pillow when I found out he had arrived.

I already had one little brother and dressing him up as a girl just wasn't cutting it anymore. I remember however, getting home from the hospital after meeting this new one for the first time, and being filled with excitement. I had another brother. Evan

And while my head has always told me that I am not his momma, my heart has acted a little bit like one from the get go. I've lost count how many times both my brothers have told me I am not their mother. I don't intend on starting to keep track either.

Evan talked incessantly as a child, had theme songs for everything, and ruined my games of pioneers by informing us that aliens were joining the homestead. I remember asking Mom one day why he had to add things like that. She gently reminded me that everyone is different and likes to imagine differently. Got that right. He became obsessed with sports and I still chuckle at the thought of him playing catch or one-on-one...with himself. The rest of us never really got it.

But that gift of gab, musical talent, and wild imagination has settled in on a young man who is certainly someone special. Evan can talk to anyone, pretty much about anything. He is quick witted and hilarious. Sometimes shockingly hilarious. He can dance, play the drums, and is fantastic at song parodies. He is ridiculously athletic and those events have been the cornerstones to his high school career, dragging us all around the state for four years to watch him toss around a ball. We as a family survived bleacher butt watching sports we never really thought we cared about, until it was him in the game. He has integrity and passion. We never have to wonder what he is thinking, we hear about it.

Then there's Uncle Ev. Oh my heart. Those brothers with my girl-you guys, it's so sweet. From the moment Ev met Millie he was hooked. At 6ft 3in they make quite the pair and she loves her Uncle and he would do anything for her. He loves her when she is silly, sad, mad, messy, or glad.

Today Evan will walk across the same stage Aaron and I did. He will greet people whom come to congratulate him and he will eat cake. We will try our hardest to not think about him moving in a few months. We will simply celebrate Evan and all the hard work. We celebrate Mom and Dad and all their hard work.

It's going to be a great day. Congratulations Ev, Evan, Evie Pie. Good work. We are so, so, so proud of you and love you.

Hopefully "Millie" won't eat all the cake!


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