The Babywearing Mystery

Jerrel and I lean towards the Attachment Style of parenting. This may be the "hip," "cool," or "fad" parenting style of today but we find that it is actually more biological. We do the things we do because our instincts say so more often than not. A huge component of AP is babywearing. I LOVE baby wearing. Well...the idea of it because if I'm being honest I haven't had a plethora of experience.

In college I read books and wrote papers for classes on baby wearing and a child's developement. I researched carriers, learned about the good, the bag, and the ugly. I dreamed about the day that I would wear my own offspring.

Then I had Millie

Sweet, darling, spunky, change my world Millie. You know...this girl:

The same Millie who doesn't miss a thing. The same Millie who whines when you stop walking around with her. The same Millie who refused to be swaddled as a newborn and beyond. We would swaddle-she would scream. My girl doesn't like feeling confined.

Before Millie was born I decided to get a Boba Wrap. I'd heard babies love them. I'd heard they were comfy. Their slogan "Freedom Together" made me swoon. So we bought it, brought it home, and started practicing. We couldn't wait to try it and for the first month and a half it worked long as Millie went right to sleep when she got it in it. Which she normally did. I called it the sleeper hold. She generally was not happy when she went in but talked her into it. "You love the wrap. You sleep in the wrap. You help momma dust in the wrap." When she fell asleep she was out and out for a long time. The boba wrap served it's purpose and I would suggest them to anyone expecting a baby At about 2 months though there was no talking her into it. She didn't sleep as much, didn't tolerate being that tight or close, began demanding to be facing out, and was downright torked at the amount of time it took to unwrap to feed. So sadly the wrap went to the wayside and I began to look at other options. 

Enter in Country Drawers' new line of carriers. Olive and Applesauce. Cute name right? Tara just got these in and I went to check them out. There is a hip carry option, the ability to breastfeed, the seat can be adjusted so Mills could see out. I'm hoping that she would enjoy this carrier because my arms are tired and I dream of wearing my baby again. So there's a giveaway going on and it spurred a I got some extra entries for posting. Hey a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. If you are in the market go check out the above link!

So here is to the prospect of more babywearing. I hope. 



My Water Baby

Millie is a fan of water because after all "She was born in it." That's what we always say it makes some kind of difference. But maybe it does, because girlfriend loves water, the feel, the sound, or watching-it doesn't matter.

My Grandparents have a pool. I bought her a swimsuit at a garage sale. A pink one, with polka dots.

And a tutu. 

Because when you a little and cute you can wear those types of things. I'm not usually into that kind of girly stuff, but this one was too cute to pass up! 

It was toasty and humid and so we thought we should put the swimming pool and the suit to good use! We donned our swimming attire and headed out.

Jerrel loves the water too. He couldn't wait to get baby girl in. The feeling was mutual.

She made a couple rounds of the pool with Dad and stopped long enough to give mom a crooked smile for a picture.

My favorites.

Then it was Grandpa's turn to get ahold of her. He bounced flounced around and Mills loved it! 

I have the cutest baby in the land! 
 We are in the beginning stages of teaching Millie to surf. We just want her to have a marketable skill here in Nebraska, the job market can be a nightmare.

And here's my other water baby. Isn't he darling?

Ahh nothing like an evening at a private pool. I think I will be spending many more out there with my water baby(ies).



A Festival!

We've got plans this weekend. Living in a small town means the yearly small town celebration comes around well...yearly. But while the parade, food, fireworks, and fun are something to look forward to I've got another event going on this weekend I'm excited about.

Abbie is a friend who owns the farm. She, my mom, and I are friends. We love Jesus and junk and while this festival was Abbies' brain child, mom and I were thrilled to throw our hat in the ring and help with the festival. Mom and I have made some things and repurposed some things to sell as well as helped with ideas, logistics and merchandizing. And while I would have loved to have made more and helped more the 3.5 month old currently chewing on my foot hasn't been so eager or helpful. But we are in the home streatch. Tomorrow the droves of people will show up at the darling farm (only slightly jealous of Abbies' home place.) and see all the hard work, long hours, and creative juice Abbie and her family has put in.

So come on out if you are anywhere in driving distance! It's bound to be a good time. There are SO many cool and cute things, food, goats, face painting, and junk! And if you see a tag that says "one little lady & her momma" Buy the item. Help Millie with her college fund...Hopefully they will teach her to not chew on peoples feet.

The Quaint Little Farm Festival- June 21st from 9-6. Be there or be square!



Fathers Day

Fathers are important, there's no denying that fact. And as a woman whom has always desired a family of her own early on, I seemed to be looking for a partner to fulfill this calling long before probably many of my cohorts. I took notice of characteristics in others. I observed families-dysfunctional and functional alike. I took cues from my own father and I began to see that some of his own characteristics were things to take notice of. I began a mental list of sorts.

Work ethic. My dad works tirelessly, and while he should take it easy much more often than he does, it is still better than a lazy bum.

Sense of humor. My dad is hilarious. He is quick witted and personable. He takes things too far but that's what we love about him.

Intelligent. My dad is a smart man. He runs a business, he gives solid advice, and makes good decisions.

Family. My dad does the long hours and the ridiculous amount of work to provide.

These qualities and more became things I treasure about my own dad and now in my husband. These men in my life are honorable and respectful. I have the greatest blessing now in watching them in their latest and greatest roles as Grandpa and Dad. It is such a joy to watch my Dad with Millie just as it is with Jerrel.

What a gift it is to get to call them Husband, Dad, and Grandpa!

Happy Fathers Day to Millie's Dad and my Dad!

We are blessed little ladies. 



1:30 in the Afternoon

Mills is having a rough day'd think that when you are lazy and snooze off and on until 11:00 am you'd be just peachy keen. Instead we cry while we smile and we smile while we cry. We think Sophie is delightful, then terrifying. Nursing is comforting, then boring... or something of the sort.

So todays Parenting Tip is this:

When all else fails. Give the baby a bath.

Just give the baby a bath. However long they want to play, let them. If they want to splash like a crazy person? Let them. Give the baby a bath even if it is 1:30 in the afternoon...especially if it is 1:30 in the afternoon. Trust me.

Here's to a change of scenery, a warm snuggly after bath nap, and a better afternoon.



Three Months of Millie

The month of May seemed to go slow and steady. This momma is just fine with that...I know a few expecting momma's that probably wouldn't be ok with my perception of the passing time but too bad! Millie had a big month. She became mobile at about 2.5 months by rolling over like a big girl. The first time I saw her she was laying in bed with me. I sat up and she rolled to her side, then she kept grunting and groaning until she made it to her tummy. She is definitely left side dominate but has started going to her right more. I can't get through a diaper change now without a roll. She's a speedy little thing! No more leaving her on the couch or bed unattended...she rolls and scoots. The girl is going places! 

We have "Fireside Chats with Daddy and Millie" every evening before Jerrel heads to work. Then when Dad says "Well, I have to go to work, love you, bye." Her eyes get big and she watches him leave with those baby blues. It breaks Jerrels's heart. This morning he had a meeting so he left while she was still sleeping. I think he prefers that salutation. 

Millie had an outing that included a giant chair. We were the ultra cool and ultra responsible parents that made a loop around the block, propped our daughter in the chair and snapped photographic evidence of the event. This is what parenting is all about right?

Mills wasn't quite as amused as we were. Oh well, you win some you loose some. 

Sweet Pea has always loved her bath but this month she discovered the joy of splashing. Splashing makes noise, splashing gets you wet, splashing makes everything around you wet. Her in this big metal bowl is a riot. She hangs on to the sides. 

Millie got some quality uncle time this month. My brother and his thumb just kills me. 

A quality family least baby girl was excited about it. 

Millie's dad is silly. I have to remind myself often, "Daddies do it different." 

She's also discovered her thumb. We decided to not have a pacifier at least until our breastfeeding relationship was established. Well missy decided her thumb is tasty. I of course worried about insecurity and attachment but it's funny she doesn't do it when she is disgruntled. She will just be sitting around sucking her hands and then find her thumb. I found her like this after playing on the floor the other day. I'm trying to not be jealous. 

Baby girls' hair is starting to come in and get a bit darker. She is going to have a thick head of hair. When Millie was born she had these 7 hairs on her crown that were very long. It amazes me still that her hair was starting to grow in there. 

For you created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother's womb. Psalm 139:13

Yes, I know babies are born with hair, it just amazes me alright? Same with fingernails. Those were in there too?! We affectionately call the 7 long hairs her "womb hairs." I may cry when they disappear. I love to play with them. 

These are Millie's wrinkles aka elbows. I love my healthy baby. I also love knowing that I put those there.

We have decided that toys are fun to look at while on our elbows. She talks to them and gets so excited. If her leggies could get her somewhere she would be in China by now!

Last night we were over at PawPaw and Gramacita's (don't ask) and she was so tired. Gramacita hypnotized her by petting her leg. Millie was so relaxed, just staring. Someone said "She's not a dog!" But whatever works..

I'm trying to get her used to the camera so she takes good pictures. However, she is still a kid and still loves to look at you and then make the cutest face while turning her head. Oh well her neck muscles are good.

I think my baby is beautiful all the time but mornings are my favorite. Her fresh sleepy eyes. She's just a doll. 

Like I mentioned we now enjoy toys. We work very hard to hold them, stick them in our mouth, and get very excited about them. Introducing Sophie and Rory.  

One recent car ride, Rory provided the entertainment. It was so nice to not have to talk Millie of a ledge. Thank you Rory, THANK YOU.

When I think about all the mile stones this month I am in awe. Rolling from back to front, tummy to back once,, holding head up, getting arms under and arching her back, reaching and grabbing things, and missy found her voice it is so fun to listen to her chatter. 

Side by side 2 months to 3 months. Growing and changing! 

So another month in the books. Each better than the last. At this rate think how awesome our lives will be at 15 years...ok maybe don't. I'll just keep blissfully snuggling my girl. 

Happy 3 months Mills! 



Even if Everybody Cares

At the urging of my mother I have been posting my blog updates on facebook since just before Millie was born. She says it's something "You need to do! They are so good." But, she's my mom, it's in her contract to say such things.

This blog and I have had a love and slightly hate relationship. You see, I have that with social media outlets and sometimes that's what I see this blog as. I follow blogs, I read blogs, and all of these blogs have hundreds of followers, dive into deep water topics, have beautiful photography, witty punch lines, and eloquent titles. These bloggers get paid to write-because people love to read their stuff and click on their ads. So like a human I go through stages of comparison. What "if" and "when" becomes the game and social media encourages this type of comparison. Who's Pintrest board is the prettiest, who's facebook status is the cleverest, who's Instagram photo is the artistic-ist...most artistic. And it's so easy to get caught in the race.

If I go back to the reason and the day I went to, clicked on create a blog, and wrote my first post it wasn't about any of these things. For a long time only about 5 people even knew about this space and four years later I'm still writing. I was nervous about posting the blog because I didn't want to seem starved for attention. I didn't want people reading but I didn't want them not reading either. As it turns out though, people like reading my writing. The blog stats that I barely pay attention to didn't tell me that either. People tell me that, on the street (because my community is that small-I love it!), in my home, on facebook, in comments on posts, they like my "stories", "my willingness to share" and I'll admit the acknowledgement feels good.

But here's the deal:

I write because it is part of me. I write because it clears a crowded space out in my mind that nothing else can. I write because I love to, because I need to. I write because I have something to say even if nobody cares. 

So I try to ignore the comparison. I try to not avoid the blog because "nobody reads it anyway" because that's not entirely true and who cares.

I will write if no one follows. I will write if everyone follows. I will write if no one reads. I will write if everyone reads. I will write if no one cares. I will write if everyone cares. I will write here or there. I will write everywhere!
Just a little Dr. Suess snack. 

So thank you for reading or for skimming the pictures, whatever your blog viewing style. I am happy you stopped by, but I am not dependent on you. Feel free to check back in again, I'll be here, writing.