Fathers Day

Fathers are important, there's no denying that fact. And as a woman whom has always desired a family of her own early on, I seemed to be looking for a partner to fulfill this calling long before probably many of my cohorts. I took notice of characteristics in others. I observed families-dysfunctional and functional alike. I took cues from my own father and I began to see that some of his own characteristics were things to take notice of. I began a mental list of sorts.

Work ethic. My dad works tirelessly, and while he should take it easy much more often than he does, it is still better than a lazy bum.

Sense of humor. My dad is hilarious. He is quick witted and personable. He takes things too far but that's what we love about him.

Intelligent. My dad is a smart man. He runs a business, he gives solid advice, and makes good decisions.

Family. My dad does the long hours and the ridiculous amount of work to provide.

These qualities and more became things I treasure about my own dad and now in my husband. These men in my life are honorable and respectful. I have the greatest blessing now in watching them in their latest and greatest roles as Grandpa and Dad. It is such a joy to watch my Dad with Millie just as it is with Jerrel.

What a gift it is to get to call them Husband, Dad, and Grandpa!

Happy Fathers Day to Millie's Dad and my Dad!

We are blessed little ladies. 


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