The Babywearing Mystery

Jerrel and I lean towards the Attachment Style of parenting. This may be the "hip," "cool," or "fad" parenting style of today but we find that it is actually more biological. We do the things we do because our instincts say so more often than not. A huge component of AP is babywearing. I LOVE baby wearing. Well...the idea of it because if I'm being honest I haven't had a plethora of experience.

In college I read books and wrote papers for classes on baby wearing and a child's developement. I researched carriers, learned about the good, the bag, and the ugly. I dreamed about the day that I would wear my own offspring.

Then I had Millie

Sweet, darling, spunky, change my world Millie. You know...this girl:

The same Millie who doesn't miss a thing. The same Millie who whines when you stop walking around with her. The same Millie who refused to be swaddled as a newborn and beyond. We would swaddle-she would scream. My girl doesn't like feeling confined.

Before Millie was born I decided to get a Boba Wrap. I'd heard babies love them. I'd heard they were comfy. Their slogan "Freedom Together" made me swoon. So we bought it, brought it home, and started practicing. We couldn't wait to try it and for the first month and a half it worked long as Millie went right to sleep when she got it in it. Which she normally did. I called it the sleeper hold. She generally was not happy when she went in but talked her into it. "You love the wrap. You sleep in the wrap. You help momma dust in the wrap." When she fell asleep she was out and out for a long time. The boba wrap served it's purpose and I would suggest them to anyone expecting a baby At about 2 months though there was no talking her into it. She didn't sleep as much, didn't tolerate being that tight or close, began demanding to be facing out, and was downright torked at the amount of time it took to unwrap to feed. So sadly the wrap went to the wayside and I began to look at other options. 

Enter in Country Drawers' new line of carriers. Olive and Applesauce. Cute name right? Tara just got these in and I went to check them out. There is a hip carry option, the ability to breastfeed, the seat can be adjusted so Mills could see out. I'm hoping that she would enjoy this carrier because my arms are tired and I dream of wearing my baby again. So there's a giveaway going on and it spurred a I got some extra entries for posting. Hey a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. If you are in the market go check out the above link!

So here is to the prospect of more babywearing. I hope. 


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