A Summer Update

Oh hey. Hi! 

It's September Hallelu! Hallelu! It's been a minute or two since I've written. So I thought I'd give you a Summer update full of pictures and witty comments. 

Waaaayyy back in May I baked a pie. That was the last time I turned on my oven the entire summer, until last week when we had a cold front go through. Because when you live without Air Conditioning you don't do much and you certainly don't bake. 

Blueberry cream pie. It was a nice way to say goodbye to the oven for the summer.

We also took a trip to Halsey for our vacation. It was fantastic and relaxing.

Millie had loads of fun with her favorite big people and I had fun watching them and hanging out at the river. 

We took a nature hike that started off strong and photogenic.

Got us to the tower so we could look at the 360 view of the National Forrest in the middle of the Nebraska Sandhills. It's kinda a crazy sight.

We came home to our Broody hen that I wrote about many moons ago. We ended up finding some fertilized eggs from a friend. Stuck 'em under Gail and she diligently sat for the 20 odd days to hatch the babies out!

Came home to one baby chick too. Within the next 48 hrs we had four more! 

Gail's mothering instincts seemed so strong, so I decided to trust her with her babies and the other birds. I'm so glad I did. It all went fantastically and now we have more chickens, some to lay eggs and some eat. It's been a great experience.

We also decided to have a firework stand in our garage. Well Evan and Jerrel did. It was kinda, sorta a bucket list thing for them. It was a great time spent together and we had fun blowing some left overs up too.

Although I will say I will NEVER spend the 4th of July or the 3rd of July for that matter, in town. It was way too noisy for this country girl. Like anxious duck and cover kind of noisy. Not fun. We left town both nights and took reprieve at our parents houses.

We also were again reminded of where all Millie's strangeness and odd tendencies come from. Those Uncles.

Remember when I said we didn't have Air Conditioning? Well in case you forgot WE DON'T HAVE AIR CONDITIONING. But I'll probably bring that up again later. Anyway the weather man said it was going to be hot, like 110 degrees. So we decided to go camping. Because the camper HAS AIR CONDITIONING. Some thought we were crazy. We knew we were genius.   

We had four days of relaxation and time together it was great and we slept like babies.

We have enjoyed many a popsicle for snack to cool off and they are fun to make!

Cool breezes finally found us and Jerrel suggested I made cookies. I felt bad for the man who's wife wont cook, or bake, or move from the fan. So I made cookies.

We've ate some good summer food and enjoyed our garden. It was a lot to take on, moving, unpacking, getting a garden in. But we've done it and done it pretty well considering!

More time at the lake and I love watching my girl take the world in. Her vocabulary has expounded and she will try to say anything now. Somethings I wish she wouldn't. And now that she is verbally expressing herself I am constantly amazed at her comprehension of the world around her. She is so very bright and shiny. Or something like that.

I've also been reading more. Keeping up on my New Years resolution.

And back to the garden. I started my plants before we moved. Moved them gingerly. And carefully and hesitantly planted them in the ground. They took off! The 8 plants look like a jungle and are producing well. They taste so good. Best part of summer, the 'maters.

So that's us this summer in a nutshell. I'll be back here more, now that it's cooler and we don't feel like we are being baked alive. I'll be updating on the house, the homestead, the toddler, and all kinds of other exciting things a'happenin'

Thanks for catching up!