We Are Home

We are home. After a week an half away it's a little surreal that the wedding happened. It was spectacular and special. The vacation was relaxing and fun. Kayaking, paddle boating, biking, hiking, shopping, eating, and playing in the sand made for visions coming true. Only a few hiccups that all managed to get worked out. 

So yes, we are hanging out at my parents until the house is ready and back to projects for the reception. Now with rose gold frosting on our left hands and new titles for each other. I will be posting about our trip, the adventures, the beautiful views it included and sharing more pictures from Shutter & Snap Photography as soon as possible. Thank you everyone for the calls, texts, and notes-it meant so much to feel and come home to so much love.



Today is the Day

Two are better than one, 
because they have a good return for their labor:
If either of them falls down, 
one can help the other up. 
But pity anyone who falls
and has no one to help them up. 
Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm.
But how can one keep warm alone?
Though one may be overpowered,
two can defend themselves.
A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 



Wedding Wednesday

Here's the little secret. I sometimes schedule posts. Surely you all knew about that feature. That I'm not always glued to my computer when posts are being published. Sorry if that took away some of the mystery. Moving on though, this post will be published on May 22, 2013. A day before Jerrel and I's wedding 

After 4 years I think it's safe to say that both of us don't really believe that this day is actually so near. And the fact that we are in Michigan with our families, makes it even more special and surreal. However, at the same time it's such a natural step. No nerves, minimal stress. To some it may look like we aren't particularly excited, but we are. We are thrilled in a, "Yes, this is what is supposed to happen." kind of way. LIke I said it feels so organic (is that a weird thing to say about a wedding? Oh well.), I wouldn't have it any other way. 

So I'll be taking a sabbatical from the blog for a few days. But I'll be back and loaded with pictures and memories. I'll even have a few more projects for the reception to share because the ball is jut now getting rolling, but for now I'm just enjoying these moments. 

Your presence in thought and prayer is appreciated over the next few days.

And that's this weeks Wedding Wednesday.




Wedding Wednesday But It's Thursday

I know, I dropped the ball. Failed to post a Wedding Wednesday ditty. If I said it was because I was so swamped with packing, planning, and other wedding To Do's I'd be fibbing to you. Big time. I just didn't get to my computer yesterday and a facebook sabbatical helped that-have you ever tried a break from facebook? It's refreshing!


Honestly, this week has been a lot of relaxing with a few loose ends being tied. I've planted the garden, baked for the trip, and spent lots of time with Lucy, poor baby doesn't get to go. But the real work begins today and will last until we leave Saturday morning-Packing. I've got a list going and the laundry is done, now I just have to get to it. Great.

Here's the list of things that have gotten accomplished this past week:
(Kudos to my mom to all-but taking over, I'm ready to be done with wedding decisions. Bless her.)

~Birth Certificate came in the mail-so I can officially get married.

~We went a scavenged for doors and other goodies for the reception(I'll show more after the wedding)

~We received the menu for Shanty Creek and its fancy and sounds delicious. Now I just have to decide what to eat, which might be one of the toughest decision of the whole process!

~Found and confirmed a florist, we will go Monday to put together a bouquet and boutonniere. It was easier to do it that way since I waited till last minute. Pray it works out, flowers are a big deal for me. Ironic that I waited last minute huh. Ha.

~I still need to fix a "thing" on my dress and take a look at Jerrel's suit to make sure it's all good to go.

~We are meeting with Tim tonight (our pastor) to talk about the ceremony and receive his "talk" he gives engaged couples. I'm sure I'll be enlightened and confused all at the same time, that's just how Tim works.

So that's the week in review and a late Wedding Wednesday. We leave Saturday to begin our adventure.




Road Trip!

Last week Jerrel, Aaron, and I were vagabonds. Traveling the land in the early hours of the morn. Dad had vehicles that needed to be picked up for the dealership so we gladly said we would travel to 3 different locations within 4 days. Want a week to fly by? Do something like this. But our favorite trip of the week was the trip to Texas. None of us had ever been to this part of the States and although we were only there overnight we were not disappointed and want to visit again.

It is now a tradition to stop at the state lines and snap a photo. I decided it and therefore we do it. Except for Kansas. Sorry, I'm just not a fan. We survived our long and boring drive through Kansas and made it to the first "Never Been To" state on our list. Oklahoma!

Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain
And the wavin' wheat can sure smell sweet...

And what did we find there?
Not much. Except...

 Red, red dirt! I was so fascinated by it, I wanted to touch it, garden with it, stain some clothes with it.

After about an hour in OK, we finally made it to Texas.

And we were excited. Can you tell? Songs like "All My Ex's Live in Texas" and "Amarillo by Morning" became so much more relevant to us...and we sang them repeatedly.

We also said hello to the humidity, sticky legs, wet shirts, and crazy curls. I looked like a million bucks for most of the trip, I was not prepared for even this "little bit" of humidity.

The landscape of Texas is vastly varying, sometimes it made my head spin.

But after it was all said and done we decided we liked the constant change of scenery and the instant "home" feel that Texas projects. It was strange, even in some of the predicaments we got ourselves into I was always fairly comfortable and wanted to see more of what this place had to offer.

But after some wings, sleep, and BBQ we were behind the windshield again heading back to my first love, Nebraska.

That's ok though. especially when you get to see sunsets like this. 

God is so good. 



Wedding Wednesday

Time for my Something Old. It will more than likely go in my flowers.

There is a Cameo that has been in my family for years. And if my genealogy is correct it was my Great-Great Grandmothers, Ethel Gates. She died in 1920 when my Granny (Great Grandma) was just a little girl and this cameo was handed down to her. Not sure where it came from before then. It became a tradition for the brides in my family to wear this beautiful and historical piece. 

Back in October I hinted to Grandma that she should have Aunt Ardes locate and fix the piece because I might be needing it this coming Spring. She promptly picked up the phone and went to her bedroom. I could still hear half the conversation. 

Grandma: Ardes?...Do you have Mom's cameo?...Now, you just keep still about this, but we might be needing that here soon....Jessi, in the Spring....Ok, you could bring it here and we could go get it fixed together...Alright, I'll talk to you later. 

Is that not the sweetest conversation on the planet? "You just keep still" That melted my heart and became my new favorite saying. It made me miss not having a sister. 

Well the weekend of my shower the cameo made it's appearance and it was all I could do to not tear up at the sight and touch of something so valuable to the women in my family's heritage. A way to again feel connected to them all...clear back to the lady that passed at that young age in 1920. And I know that they would and will all be thrilled that I am wearing this piece.

It is such a blessing to have the cameo and it's history with me on that special day.

That's this weeks Wedding Wednesday!

2 Weeks! Unbelievable.



J&J lately

Jerrel Graduated Nursing School and accepted a job at a local hospital all in one week. 

I'm officially on summer break and twiddling my thumbs wondering how to live without completing focus questions, online assessments, and listening to lectures about phonemic awareness. 

We have found a place to live. It's a little house on a working farm. It has a fenced in yard and allows dogs. We are on the lookout for a canine companion once we get back from Michigan.

Speaking of canines I recently saw this dog and thought it was so "unique" it deserved a picture. Sorry if you think it's cute, Senor Smarty Pants does too. Sorry you have no taste too. Anyway when I tried to get the attention of the other ugly (there I said it!) dog, the person hiding/laying in the drivers side seat lifted both dogs to get a picture...oops. Faux pas. Glad he couldn't hear my comments.

I received my Student Teaching placement! I will be in C-town in the 2nd grade, with an awesome teacher, I've learned from her already. I might be a new person at the end of this experience.

After moving home, I'm certain that I have about 40 times more stuff than Jerrel. I'm calling Help for Hoarders tomorrow. Hope that made up counseling and cleaning service exists. I think I may be turning a corner though, I have gotten rid of about 6 grocery bags of clothes and other goodies. And the trash-I'm embarrassed about how much existed.

We've been learning more about companion planting and planning our garden. Nope, its not in yet, we had 30 degree temps Wednesday...not exactly gardening weather yet. Hopefully we won't be too far behind.

So that's us. In a nutshell. The month of May...finals, graduation, job, wedding, moving, boards, home improvement...whew I'm tired just typing it.



Wedding Wednesday

The weekend's weather rocked. I sunbathed, enjoyed meals alfresco, and completed so many projects! I was so busy. I slept like a baby those nights, with my windows open and breeze blowing in. 

I have affectionately named the theme for the reception "Junk Stock." Cute huh? We have collected many silver trays and pretty candle sticks to kinda class the event up...if you will. I found a tutorial on Pintrest on how to make mercury glass. It seemed simple enough and like a great way to get some more silver in the space. 

So what do you need to make your own mercury glass? Not much. Some glass, Krylon Looking Glass spray paint, a spray bottle with 50/50 water and vinegar, and a rag. 

Tip: Find glass at your local thrift shop or Goodwill. I know our Thrift Shop has hundreds of vases, most in the back because they won't all fit up front. All different shapes and sizes, they are just itchin' to get rid of 'em. 

Spray the glass with the paint, just enough to cover it and you kinda need to work fast-it drys quickly. Immediately spritz the glass with your water and vinegar mixture. Like this. 

Now use the rag to pop the bubbles. You can blot or rub to pop them. I used a combo and it created a nice variety of textures on the glass. But don't rub too hard or you might rub off the paint (personal experience) because it's not totally dry for a few minutes. DUH.

You can also do another round if you desire a heavier look or think you missed a spot. 

All in all, this collection of vases took me about 20 minutes and then I dug around and found a few more things to do. It's kinda addicting because it's so easy and they end up looking so cool!

I also think spraying with a darker color first then doing the mercury treatment would make the spots show up more but they would also be opaque. I might have to try that next.

I'm off to find something else to paint.

That's this week's Wedding Wednesday!

3 weeks. Say What?!