this lady's random musings.

I can't find any matching socks. 

Good thing I don't worry too much about matching socks.

During lunch today I watched an entire 20 minute infomercial on the "Jawsaw."

You can buy it with 3 easy payments of $39.95.

A lady brought her 5 month old to class today and I thought to myself- "How can I get me one of those?" (no, no, no, jessica)

No, I don't need the birds and the bees talk. I didn't mean it literally.

I'm pretty sure I want a pet goat.

That is all.



the 3/50 project

I'm a pretty well rounded lady. My interests and passions are pretty vast. One of them being business, in particular small business. My heart is in rural America. It's where I'm from, it's who I am. I have posted before about being Conscientious Consumers because it really is a part of my life, it's something I take very seriously. People joke about our black and white consumer habits and we smile and play along but the bottom line is- we genuinely care about the small businesses in our community and its surrounding area, heck really the whole U.S. We understand how codependent we are on each other, we get it.

We don't hold these values and live and shop the way we do just to be difficult or different, we do it because we see it as vital to our own well-being, our communities well-being, our country's well-being. That may sound dramatic but its the truth.

As a daughter of two people who run two small businesses in my community this topic also hits very close to home. I see and understand these values on level that is my families everyday reality and so I can understand other small business owners reality. When I got on Facebook today I saw that my mom had shared the flyer below. I read through it and thought: This is going on the blog. It is such a cool campaign!

So while I ramble on about how important it is, this poster breaks it down into manageable numbers. Numbers that for the most part we can all understand. (except for the $42,629,700,000 -to me thats such an abstract figure, I can't wrap my mind around it except that it's "a lot") It makes it seem even more doable. $50? Come on, that's easy enough, spend it like they said and get something for someone else, or buy things you need. Don't expect your neighbor to make up your difference, just get out in your community and keep your dollar at home. Because if we don't- then who will? 



Give and Take

Senor Smarty Pants made me go shooting. And when I say "made me" I don't mean it in the literal form. You see, Senor Smarty Pants doesn't "make" me do anything, except make him sweets, refill his water bottle, think, shake my head in confusion, and laugh. So that whole "made me" phrase I used earlier? Yeah take that with a grain of salt. I just said it for effect, because I'm dramatic like that. 

Senor Smarty Pants likes to go shooting. This little factoid about him didn't really come to my knowledge until oh last Spring. I don't know if he has been repressing this hobby for over 3 years or what but thats obviously a whole other conversation. I however, am not a fan of guns, I understand and can even support the 2nd Amendment. And don't think for a second its because I haven't been exposed. I live with hunters. I was actually forced to go through and pass a Hunter's Safety course (thanks dad) and you know what? I passed- with flying colors. All George, the Game Warden had to say to me was "Well, Jessica, you did really good, I didn't even know you were paying attention the last 6 weeks." I'm just not interested in looking at guns, talking about guns, shooting guns, you get it. But, it was my turn to give, and so for the second time in my life, I went shooting with Senor Smarty Pants. 

There was this stool so I was happy to sit and watch. I had my camera and a happy face on so I was ready to tolerate my time out there.

Then I started looking around and WOW the light was awesome. I started snapping away. 

It was like my eye was on high alert. Suddenly everything look photogenic. Everything needed to be captured. 

The colors, the textures they were all jumping out at me and I had to catch them all.

While on this escapade I realized what the huge difference was. It was in fact the light. The perfect lighting, that is so time sensitive. I knew in a matter of minutes it would change drastically and everything wouldn't seem to glow as it was right then.

I was oohhing and awwing over this light when Senor Smarty Pants said "See, I told you it wouldn't be so bad, I knew you'd have fun." Until now I didn't even validate his statement by acknowledging it. I was too into the light and didn't want him to puff himself up too much by knowing that I knew he was right. 

But right in the middle of my snapping the camera reminded me of a fatal mistake. I forgot to charge it. So I hurriedly went through my mental list. and snapped away.

There was so much old and rustic stuff, I wanted to get it all and now looking at this photo I'm wishing I'd got a different angle. One to showcase the light that I had just discovered is so very important to a good picture. I really learned a lot in my little shooting extravaganza. 

All this was happening while Senor Smarty Pants was doing shooting of his own.

We meant business out there in the pasture. And you know what? I even put down my weapon of choice after it died and shot the gun a bit. You'll have to take my word that it happened. I wish I could prove it to you with a photo. I hit the target. Maybe I'm a natural dead eye and I just didn't want to make people feel bad. Maybe that's what's my subconscious is really telling me when I don't want to go shooting.

I guess that could be the case, but probably not. 




Let's get one thing straight, I've never been fond of the whole idea of exercise. To me it always meant "competition." From 1st grade PE when we had to run five laps around the gym for warm ups to high school sports where sucking wind was the goal. I didn't like the idea because A. I'm not the front runner in that department. and B. I just don't really care.

Let's get another thing straight, I don't make New Year's resolutions. Kudos to you if you do, really. I've never been able to come up with anything really good that I'd want to stick to all year, does that mean I'm the perfect person and don't need to make changes? Yes. I mean no. NO. no. NO. I just don't make a big hoopla about resolutions.

But I have a made a change. It just so happened to come about at this time of year. I have been exercising. It all started when my mom got a new treadmill. I went to just play with it and before I knew it I had ran a mile, and nothing was chasing me! Honestly I have no idea how it happened. Then the next day I did the same thing, and the next day I did a little more. It's been three weeks and I have only took one day off from that formally naughty word of, exercise.

Now, I'm a slim girl. I'm not bragging by any means, I'm just stating a fact and facts do not cease to exist just because we don't like them. I'm not doing this exercise thing to stay trim or to loose some pounds, none of that. I'm doing it because it feels good. I didn't really know I had that kind of energy. The kind that needed to be burned off. I didn't realize that it would help improve my mood. Sure I'd learned all about the endorphins that are released when being active but I guess I never thought that could apply to me. I was happy and I didn't like exercise. How could that make me happier? I'll tell you how-I'm not competing with anyone. I don't have a teacher or coach telling me to run this far, lift this much. I'm just doing it. Like Nike says to!

But probably the coolest thing about this whole deal is the time I have to myself. I don't think I'm really a gym person. I don't want people watching me and I really don't want complete strangers seeing the sweat mustache that I get. Did I really just admit that? Anyway, I like listening to my music, and it's not the typical music, its relaxing music. I like having that time to think about things, or to think about nothing. But I mostly pray while I am running. I pray for the Clarks, I pray for my family, I pray for Senor Smarty Pants and his family, I pray about school. Just whatever comes to my mind and needs lifted up. It's just nice to have that time, and even though I'm running I'm focused. I feel clearer when I'm done.

I can't say that I'm going to continue this new thing for the whole year. But I do like the change, I do like that my legs feel stronger. And as I type this, I still can't believe that I actually took the time today to exercise.



mum's the word monday...without the mum's

I don't want to go to schoooool.

I want to stay home and hang out with Luuuuucyyyyy.

Ok. I'm done whining now. 

Hope you have a happy Monday! 



Face the Facts

My break is coming to an end. That statement is almost physically painful to admit. So we are going to move away from it here quickly so I can stay in this happy little place called "denial." I'm not really dreading my classes-actually dare I say it- I'm intrigued by them. It's just the whole moving on from break thing that stinks.

But I am afraid of one thing: prying myself out of my pajama pants for more than the time it takes to shower. You know-like for class and stuff-like all day.

I've become quite accustomed to my thermals, and those fleece pants that are softer than normal fleece, and then I can't forget about my flannels that fit just right. Oh and my classic sweats, and the always so wonderful yoga pants.

That's a lot of "ands." Sorry about that.

Am I too attached? Am I the next star of "Intervention?" Or maybe some new ridiculous TLC series?

You know what? Let 'em come, I don't care, I'm not ashamed! I'll be here, waiting in my flannel.




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