the 3/50 project

I'm a pretty well rounded lady. My interests and passions are pretty vast. One of them being business, in particular small business. My heart is in rural America. It's where I'm from, it's who I am. I have posted before about being Conscientious Consumers because it really is a part of my life, it's something I take very seriously. People joke about our black and white consumer habits and we smile and play along but the bottom line is- we genuinely care about the small businesses in our community and its surrounding area, heck really the whole U.S. We understand how codependent we are on each other, we get it.

We don't hold these values and live and shop the way we do just to be difficult or different, we do it because we see it as vital to our own well-being, our communities well-being, our country's well-being. That may sound dramatic but its the truth.

As a daughter of two people who run two small businesses in my community this topic also hits very close to home. I see and understand these values on level that is my families everyday reality and so I can understand other small business owners reality. When I got on Facebook today I saw that my mom had shared the flyer below. I read through it and thought: This is going on the blog. It is such a cool campaign!

So while I ramble on about how important it is, this poster breaks it down into manageable numbers. Numbers that for the most part we can all understand. (except for the $42,629,700,000 -to me thats such an abstract figure, I can't wrap my mind around it except that it's "a lot") It makes it seem even more doable. $50? Come on, that's easy enough, spend it like they said and get something for someone else, or buy things you need. Don't expect your neighbor to make up your difference, just get out in your community and keep your dollar at home. Because if we don't- then who will? 


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