The weather, the leaves, the colors, the sports, the food, the drinks, the sweaters, the boots, the...well you get the picture. 




This stuff. This, the state flower of my great state. This pretty goldenrod is what is making my nose itchy and a tad runny. I will just have to admire it from a distance...better yet just from this picture.



mum's the word monday

Ok...I can't keep it in, that Brown Dahlia and Sunflower are just awesome, No?!



Fall, Football, Freeze.

Tomorrow is fall.

This chick has been going to football.

That means it's time to get out the mittens, hat, scarf, (yes!) and double up on socks and prepare to freeze.

Aaron is a senior. No I don't want to talk about it thanks for asking. Evan is a freshman, another unbelievable fact. Both boys are doing well in their respective positions, that I happen to know nothing about. It's just something ok-lots of things that prevent me from truly grasping football in it's entirety. Something about my true enjoyment of people watching, and then all the technicalities that there seem to be in the sport. Maybe I've just made that complication up-either way I think it exists and I can't just "get it." But I go, I watch, and I cheer when I understand what is going on.



My B-Day

 I know it's been almost a week...but I had a few highlights I wanted to share.

I could get flowers everyday and still be awestruck by the beauty of each petal. I just love flowers...especially in paper.

It is awsome how a nice lunch with a good friend can totally make your day brighter. Not to mention the fact that Jimmy John's bread should be outlawed it's so good.

.A quiet afternoon. 
Well kinda. While I was blessed with many birthday wishes my afternoon was quiet and spent basically alone. I spent the time reflecting and in thanksgiving on how blessed I truly have been over the last 21 years.

.Grandma's Stew.
I think the title alone is pretty self explanatory on why this was a highlight. Oh and angel food cake!

Maybe not what lots of people do on their birthdays but I had some complications with other plans and had been wanting to see "The Help." So worth it! 

.Dessert Take II.
Senor Smarty Pants made me a cheesecake dessert type thing. Due to some health issues, I've been on a pretty strict diet, so he went out of his way to make me something similar to my craving of cheesecake with, get this-Tofu! 

You know what's more awesome than getting anew pair of adorable and insanely comfortable Toms? Knowing that now there is one less kid who is in need of a pair of shoes. 

And my favorite: 
.A Teapot.
While eating my oatmeal my Grandma picked up an old teapot that had been sitting on the counter for over a week (I thought it was a decoration or something) she then said "Here's your present, Happy Birthday!" It was odd and humorous and I wouldn't have it any other way. Mom says Grandma is getting more and more like her own mother-things might just get very interesting. I'm glad I get to experience it.



September 14th.

Today is my 21st Birthday. 
This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!



A flag for each victim is standing in our school yard.




Yeah...I didn't get a "mum's the word monday" picture posted. But I have good reason, I promise. I spent yesterday "Unplugged." I was out working in my garden, it was so beautiful out yesterday, and I decided I didn't want to waste my time in the house watching TV, mindlessly cruising around on Facebook, or even paying attention to my phone. So I decided to go "Unplugged." It was great. I got things done that I wouldn't have otherwise.
 I so enjoy my blog, and Facebook helps me keep in touch with many people. TV is many times my escape, just change it to "Food Network or HGTV and forget about everything else. My phone is a bit of a crutch and it's much more important when I'm away from home, or Senor Smarty Pants. Yesterday it was nice to put these things back into their place. I was present all day long, it was wonderful.

So that's why mum's the word monday is missing, I will maybe plan a little better next time...or not. 

I will be "Unplugged" another day very soon. I really think it should become a weekly thing for me. 



{If you can't take the heat}

As I was reading a mean...doing an extensive amount of enlightening homework...I realized that I have forgot to post something that is one of my new favorite things! This summer Senor Smarty Pants and I had quite the conversation, it went something like this. 
Me: "Look Senor Smarty Pants I made you a tasty new dessert, how do you like it?" 
SSP: "Mmm, this is good, You know that's why I keep you around right? To bake me delicious treats like this. Come to think of it you look good in this kitchen." 
Don't worry Senor Smarty Pants is really not a chauvinist, who thinks women are only valuable in the home, he just likes baked goods...made specially for him. 

Well I had mentioned that I would like an apron and a cute one at that, well look what he showed up with one day:

Photo By: Alli D Photography 
Cute Huh?! It looks like a little dress! And the style is called "Audrey." I'm a Hepburn fan. I love having the pocket. Its so handy. I do think I am going to sew a little button on the side and fix some towels so I can hook a towel to my side (Grandma's brilliant idea). Good Work Senor Smarty Pants.