i'm baaack

I've been on Holiday...or as normal people call it-Vacation. We have been out of town for a whole 6 days and I haven't touched a computer in that long. It's been nice. I'll be posting soon pictures and information of our adventures. But today I'm going to leave you with a small snippet of something from the trip, my big purchase. 

Yeah I know it's summer, but I've wanted some Minnetonka's for a while and I finally was able to try some on and these are so different than anything else I have. So I jumped in and bought them. And if I don't end up wanting to wear them out and about-I never will have to buy slippers again because they will last so long. Plus I don't have a pair of brown boots. Have I justified my purchase enough yet? Gesh. 

I'll be back soon! 


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