We Saw A Lot of Rocks: part 2

So after we left the wonderful Fort we headed north to South Dakota. We saw some signs that were just begging us to go to Toadstool Park. We decided to take the long gravel road and enjoyed the grasslands, then suddenly we were there, and it was odd, very odd.

As soon as we got out of the vehicle a man came up to us and said "Someone just reported a rattle snake in the area, please be careful." Thanks man, for making me feel even more uncomfortable on this new planet, called Toadstool Park. 

There are trails to walk up on the rocks but all of us minus Senor Smarty Pants and Aaron were certain we didn't want to climb them. With the rattle snake promise and unfamiliar territory we were sure we just wanted to stay close to the grassland. Then we followed those two, and before we knew it we were very high up and couldn't stop climbing. 

Well some of us really couldn't stop climbing, i.e. Aaron and Senor Smarty Pants. 

This place can be considered Rock # 2. 

I still don't know what to think of the park. There were some campers there, they looked as though they had moved in. They are stronger than I, much stronger. 

This basically sums up the whole park. You should go, if you're into rocks, sand, and feeling totally out of your element. Have I stressed enough that it was like nothing I've ever seen? For that reason, I am so glad I had the opportunity. 

Then we found these-So THIS is why they call it Toadstool Park! Totally makes sense now. 

After we left I thought to myself, I wonder what the pioneers thought of this place. They came from the east, what was it like to just be traveling along in your covered wagon on these vast prairies, then run into this? They probably thought: "What in the....? What have I gotten myself into?" Just a little window into the mind of Miss Jess E right there, and probably the pioneers. Just sayin'...


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