Senor Smarty Pants said this to me yesterday "Nothing makes you more ready for summer than finals week."

I'm unsure if truer words have ever been spoken. But before this week I wouldn't have believed him. I have been ready for summer to get here, but I haven't been as antsy about it as I have been in the past. I've loved my classes this semester, and I'm sad to see them end. It has been unexpected.

We started to pack up Senor Smarty Pant's apartment, he isn't going to be living in the same place next year. I remember back in September it was almost the last place I wanted to be. But I kept going and kept working on it, even though I felt no connection to it. But tonight, while I was boxing things up, I got a little sentimental. I put a lot of time into that place. I collected and gathered. I scoured thrift stores for cool finds, and took advantage of sales at Target and Hobby Lobby. My glue gun, sewing machine, computer, and printer put in some long hours making a nice little first apartment for the brainiac and I guess in the process I got a little attached. That was certainly unexpected.

This week is "Graduation Week." I cannot believe it's here. It seems like just last week I was writing this post . But it wasn't last week, it was September 22! All over my facebook are posts about graduation, from the mother's of the grads and from the grads themselves. I read them and then move on...but...I can feel the dread starting to creep up. And I really don't want to have an ugly cry moment at the Graduation Ceremony, while they are playing the class video, or when they hand out flowers to their Mothers and I have to look around at all the other crying people-nope-I want to have that all out. But it hasn't came yet...that was unexpected.

I went to Old Navy today, not for me to shop but to pick up somethings for someone else...I walked out with two items for myself in addition to the things on my list. That was...expected...I guess it's nice to know some things will never change.


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  1. Maybe we can have our ugly cry together.....