We Saw A Lot Of Rocks: part 3

On our first day in South Dakota we thought we would like to go to Wind Cave...well we ended up taking the long way to Wind Cave and not getting there in time for the last tour. But really it was ok because we were able to see some scenery...

Like this buffalo. Then we just decided to hang out at the hotel. The next day we got up took the short way to Wind Cave and took the tour. It was the second time I've been through the cave and if you haven't ever been in a cave it's kinda erie. The cave counts as Rock #3, even though I don't have any pictures of it. They never photograph well, and I'll come clean with you all, I forgot my camera.

Then we went to Evan's Plunge. Hadn't been there in years and it was still fun, just like when we were little. Evan still thinks he owns the joint.

That evening we were thinking "What to do, what to do?" Then we saw the Mini Golf course across the street. So we went. I'd never been mini golfing before! 

It was really fun and relaxing and my Dad was freakishly good at it.

Aaron tried out a couple different strategies. I'm afraid this one wasn't very successful.

Who would have thought we had to go to South Dakota to play mini golf and have a wonderful, relaxing evening with each other. That's why vacations rock and are so important to me. 


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