Memorial Weekend.

Hope you have a wonderful Memorial weekend.
One that during the cookouts, boat rides, and days off from work, remembers the true meaning.




This scene is so refreshing to me...ahh spring and planting season.



Plant by Plant, Row by Row

So my garden is not so sweet. As I said in an earlier post it hasn't been exactly warm, and if it has gotten warm its been rainy and then cold for the next 5 days. Not exactly "Trying to Grow a Garden Here!" friendly so I'm feeling discouraged. The only plants that are doing well are the volunteer sunflowers from last season, and from the key word used, "volunteer" you can see that I never had a hand in planting maybe its just me.

I bought some very interesting tomato and pepper plants. I was so excited to get them in the ground. They got one good day of sunshine...then the wind, pouring rain, and cold set in. OH, and the hail, can't forget that. My tomato plants look like they may come out of the shock and the beating, they look pretty rough, but not horrific. But my pepper plants, don't even get my started on my pitiful pepper plants! (alliteration!) Some only have one leaf left. They are so sad. There would be NOTHING left if they didn't have cans. I just pray they are hearty and snap right out of it. Now I'm just waiting for a nice day to replant the seeds that are now above ground because the rain washed all the dirt away.

I feel like I'm starting all over and I'm not overjoyed about it.

Thus ends my garden ranting.

No that's not snow that is actually hail. It was pea sized but there was so much of it and it came with such force!

All that "stuff" on the garage? Grass, tree leaves, and other plant parts. It was a mess.

P.S. I went out to cover the plants because of the chance of FROST and one of my tomato plants had its top bit off and it was pulled clean out of the ground, roots and everything. I don't know how much more it can take! I'm nursing it back to health as we speak. It gets to spend some cozy time in the insulated garage in a nice pot with lots of water.



a few prayer requests.

I'm home from school and oh so thankful! I have started a summer class and I am once again wondering "What made me think I wanted to do this?!" But one week down, only 3 more to go. I have started my babysitting job and the two little boys are so great and at fun ages, 1 and 6.

All and all, things are wonderful. Our household and its members are going through a few changes and some large adjustments so I thought I would put the word out that some prayers would be appreciated.

My garden, its been cool and we had a storm with lots of hard rain and seeds are yet to show and my plants...ugh.

One of the family businesses is thriving but some positions are changing hands and my dad is absorbing some new and big responsibilities. Quite frankly, Dads stressed, and rightly so. But I know he can do this and do it well. So I've been praying for his own confidence and that God would help guide him in this new chapter and that things settle down soon so he can start sleeping, or at least eating! :)

My Church. Not much detail will be shared...but boy are we in need of prayer. For our focus to be realigned.

Another family member, thats what I'm going to call him. My prayer has been "A change in his heart." for about 4 1/2 months. Its the most positive way I can put the way I feel. Saying it that way is only for my own attitude, which I probably also need to pray for, because God already knows precisely, exactly, and completely how I feel and every thought I have. Before I was lead to this wasn't so "A change in his heart." it is.

My Grandpa as he continues to heal from a fall and praise that it wasn't as bad as it could have been!

Alright so just a few large things going on or starting to build up. Writing these out has been therapeutic and I feel much more at peace. Thank you in advance if you take time to add them to your prayers.



All Glory.

Ok so for some reason I cannot upload any pictures. Blogger is apparently having "issues." I had a picture of the poster for the "All Glory" contemporary service at my church tonight that I was going to post for some extra exposure, but I cannot get Blogger to cooperate. So anywho....The Community Contemporary Christian Service "All Glory is tonight at the Congregational Church at 7:14.
So without further ado:
He was given all the power and the Glory...His power will never end.
Daniel 7:14
Come check it out!

All Glory
Contemporary Christian Worship Service
Where: Congregational Church
When: May 15th
at 7:14


a bit of a mishap...

Yesterday I went on an outing with my mom to the Greenhouse. I so enjoy going to the greenhouse. We got a few plants for my garden, the flower pots, and beds. I had so many beautiful pictures to share. Pictures of young garden plants. Pictures of beautiful blooms.

But then there was a little accident. They all got deleted. But I'm not going to mention any names...ahem...Senor Smarty Pants. It was a total accident and he felt horrible. He likes to play with things, and for someone who knows how to run my camera better than I do, accidentally pushing "Delete All" and then "Yes" TWICE was just really easy to mess up.

Oh well, there wasn't much that was super important. He is just lucky. So, I'm sorry I don't have any pictures to share. know who..



Favorite Thing

I know I have been a bit absent. So I am going to ease back into this blogging thing with one more Spring picture. Spring hasn't always been my most favorite season, it was just kinda "there" but now that I really got to looking around and appreciating really does rank right up there. 
My favorite aspect of Spring?
Green grass tells me that Spring is really and truly here and is a very welcome sight. It's fresh, soft and brings back awesome memories of running around barefoot, green feet, :), watching my dad be meticulous in our own lawn, and the smell of fresh cut grass. 
Yeah...I just did a blog post about grass. It's the little things right?!