a few prayer requests.

I'm home from school and oh so thankful! I have started a summer class and I am once again wondering "What made me think I wanted to do this?!" But one week down, only 3 more to go. I have started my babysitting job and the two little boys are so great and at fun ages, 1 and 6.

All and all, things are wonderful. Our household and its members are going through a few changes and some large adjustments so I thought I would put the word out that some prayers would be appreciated.

My garden, its been cool and we had a storm with lots of hard rain and seeds are yet to show and my plants...ugh.

One of the family businesses is thriving but some positions are changing hands and my dad is absorbing some new and big responsibilities. Quite frankly, Dads stressed, and rightly so. But I know he can do this and do it well. So I've been praying for his own confidence and that God would help guide him in this new chapter and that things settle down soon so he can start sleeping, or at least eating! :)

My Church. Not much detail will be shared...but boy are we in need of prayer. For our focus to be realigned.

Another family member, thats what I'm going to call him. My prayer has been "A change in his heart." for about 4 1/2 months. Its the most positive way I can put the way I feel. Saying it that way is only for my own attitude, which I probably also need to pray for, because God already knows precisely, exactly, and completely how I feel and every thought I have. Before I was lead to this wasn't so "A change in his heart." it is.

My Grandpa as he continues to heal from a fall and praise that it wasn't as bad as it could have been!

Alright so just a few large things going on or starting to build up. Writing these out has been therapeutic and I feel much more at peace. Thank you in advance if you take time to add them to your prayers.


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