2 Months of August

Hey! I'm getting caught up on August's months here. It's been a busy last week and we haven't seen the sunshine. I don't mind the rain but oh my land. I missed the sun. 

Thankfully, I have two little sunshines in my house. I mean, check them out:

This has been August's life since day one. A big sister who dotes and loves on him constantly. That's really something I've been thankful for. There has never been a shred of jealously or anger about the baby. She loves him just like we love him. She's had to learn some things about babies. Like how they don't like their fingers bit, they spit up "when them too full", you can't just let go of them when the spit happens, and that they love cuddles.

August has been extremely tolerant and adores his sister. He sleeps through her antics-most of the time. He doesn't mind all the kisses, and he is all in all pretty easy going. Thankful.

We had August's first Easter and Thankfully Jerrel was still home for the Holiday so he was able to enjoy the day with us. We took turns getting some quick shots of us.

And photo-bomber Chester.

My people are cute. 

In August's second month we had a freak snow storm. One April morning where his sister woke up so excited that it SNOWED! Millie and Daddy went out and played in the slushy snowy stuff and baby and I snuggled and made hot chocolate. We didn't mind it so much but we also didn't loose power for days or loose our daddy to restoring the power like so many others did.

We learned that when God gives you snow in April you build a snowman. 

I love his smiles. So sweet, so innocent. This boy, we are just so happy to have him.


He's got some serious brows there. His laid back nature is not like his sister but the way he moves is. Always wiggling and jerking around. Legs and arms everywhere and every which way. He is also very alert, bright eyed, taking everything in. Just like our Millie girl.

He is also leggier than Millie was. Our girl was more compact. This guy, while he is getting rolls and filling out, overall he is longer and leaner. 

It's so fun how different and similar our babies are. They come from the same people but are anything but the same. 

We are cloth diapering again. And it's going well. I didn't really notice the loads of laundry last time. But where I was already doing a load a day, now I'm doing two or three a day sometimes. Still love my diapers and the reason why we use cloth, but I'm not going to lie, last weekend we did disposable on our Mini Vacation and the break was nice. It's all about balance. 

I have a strange, maybe unhealthy obsession with his precious head. It's just so pretty. And the little light brown fuzz hugs his head so perfectly. I just can't help but kiss it, rub it for good luck, and photograph it.

Milk face. Crooked smile.

Unless I'm right up in his cute little cheeks with my camera he really isn't interested. Unlike his sister was. Even at this age. She was always up for a photo op.

August at 2 months
See? There's always something better to look at than that darn camera. Boys.

I love 'em.


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