August-A Birth Story

It's been seven weeks since we met this sweet little face. Weeks that have flown and crawled all at once. I call it a newborn time warp. 

My midwives told me not to labor at home. But it took me all day to come to grips with the fact that I was actually in labor. And I'm a bad patient. And I do what I want. Sometimes to my own detriment. 

On Friday March 10th at 40 weeks + 6 days I woke a few times in the early morning to pee. Only I really didn't think I could get out of bed without peeing my pants. My braxton hicks were strong. But in my sleepy state I thought I had to "go" really bad. As soon as I've got a bump I can feel those practice contractions. My uterus likes to get nice and toned for birth. After waking up completely, I soon realized they weren't my usual contractions. I told Jerrel who was anxious to get this baby out (join the club), that we might be getting somewhere. 

I needed to vacuum. I had a couple loads of laundry I'd like to catch up on before we left. Jerrel looked at me and said "I think having a baby takes precedence over housework." Whatever. I went ahead and did my thing. He did his. I tried to time some contractions and really wasn't getting anything regular. So again, I went about my day. I found my yoga ball and kept Jerrel company while he worked in the basement. I helped lay carpet tiles all afternoon. At nap time I snuggled with Millie a little longer. My heart knew what my head wouldn't quite admit.

Still not taking my contractions seriously, we decided to go to my parents for supper. It was at the supper table that I got pretty uncomfortable. I didn't say anything but my husband, my husband could tell. Two pieces of pizza later I was on the couch riding waves of contractions. He decided we needed to time them, we found they were 5-7 mins apart.

We quietly timed because my father, bless his heart, would have had me loaded in the car before I could even finish the word "contraction." At 9:30 pm Jerrel said, "You seem uncomfortable, I think it's time to go." Apparently closing my eyes each time was a giveaway. So we told Millie it was time to go. She didn't want to leave Grandma and Grandpa, I tried to entice her with the fact that we were going to the midwife. That seemed to overwhelm her. So we reminded her that we were picking up her Aunt-to-be Kenzie. That helped some. Hugs and kisses were given and we ran home. 

Again, our girl got worked up when I couldn't get her out of her seat at home because of a contraction. We had a little cry together-I told her how much I loved her and that I needed her to be a big sister now. That I knew this was big and overwhelming but it was going to be ok. I helped her find and put on some jammies, kissed her again, and we headed out. She thankfully fell fast asleep. We texted Kenzie and were on our way. 

20 mins into the ride I could tell things sped up. Like really. Strong contractions every 1-2 minutes. Sitting in the car was not stalling me out and I began to worry. We had over 3 hours in the car left. I cried and felt so unprepared this time. Oh, and I felt like we weren't going to make it! Jerrel said "We need to pray." I grabbed his hand and we came to the Lord, for courage, for comfort, and for time. Sweet, sweet time.

50 mins in I felt the urge to push. Oh Lord. Please. Just more time. Get me to my midwife. Why did I wait so blasted long?! They told me not to labor at home. We kept driving. Made it to K-town to get Kenzie. Jerrel informed me we needed gas. SERIOUSLY? Kenz was just supposed to jump in the moving car and were going to go! Right?! So we stopped. I sat. Rode each wave. Kenzie silently got in the car. My brother followed behind so he could take her home the next day. Onward.


When we arrived to the birth center I ditched the car and the crowd that rode with me and went in to see my midwife. Millie had woke up upon our arrival at 2 am. I hoped she would go back to sleep. I got inside and waited out a contraction while the midwife listened to baby's heart rate. Then finally was able to lay down and stretch out. I was fully dilated and a wave of relief rushed over me. We had made it! I had progressed! This whole baby havin' thing? I still had it. I hopped in the tub and started to relax. I asked when to push. They said to push when I wanted. I asked how long to wait. They said I'd know when. That's why I so love my midwife and the birth center. They trust in the process. They trust me. 

Another reason I love the birth center? The support, the tribe that comes along with this type of birth. In between contractions we connect. We build this little cocoon. We talked about their kids. We talked about my kid. Our home. Anything that came up. I'd pause for a contraction, they would stop and wait for me or finish their thought in low voices. They read the situation beautifully. 

About an hour passed and I decided to try and push. After suppressing the urge for much of the ride it took me a while to feel safe and relaxed enough to push. Two pushes in and they got the baby blanket out. Said I'd have a baby soon. REALLY?! Then they realized my water hadn't broken. They said I could have a caul baby. Next push, water still not broken. Next push, water still not broken. Finally delivery and I had a baby born in the caul, in the tub! 

A boy!
7 lbs 14 oz 21 inches

It is said that babies born in the caul are special, because it is so rare. I guess we will have to wait and see if August can read minds or something. 

March 11, 2017. Another best day ever. Oh how our lives changed instantly. So much love.

He was immediately put on my chest. When the midwife caught him the bag broke and we removed a few pieces when he got to me. He was so cheesy, so much vernix, and he snuggled right up. Ah, we made it. We did it. We had a sweet boy. Joy rushed over us. I had Jerrel run get Millie. 

We sat for a bit looked him all over. Millie was in awe that there actually was a baby in the tub now. We talked about how we all thought it would be a boy and it was! 

Over the next few hours. baby nursed, nursed, nursed, newborn screenings were done, vitals taken, I took a shower, and Millie stayed awake the entire time. We tried to have to nap during a movie. No, she watched the whole thing. She came and laid with us during some quiet time, she stayed awake.

While I showered they got more snuggle time. We mentioned it was time to get ready to leave and Millie was ready. She wanted to go to "Aunt Befs." She threw on her hat-backwards and was hot to get that baby dressed. She was ready for him to be hers, all hers.

August didn't have a name yet. We were still getting to know him. He was the most laid back baby. No fussing or fighting. Millie delivered the news to her grandparents over the phone. They were thrilled.

Kenzie was incredible. Picking up our slack, taking charge of Millie, our over tired, over stimulated, three year old. Sending pictures to our family. And she was the first outside of us to hold her new nephew. A well deserved privilege.

We got a family picture taken and the on to to my aunts house for the weekend. We had a check up on Monday. We were met there with a big brunch, hugs, and lots of love. The adults and newborn took a nap. Our parents came to see us in the evening. Millie didn't sleep until 11p.m that night. Yeah, we had a crazy on our hands.

I just kept thanking the Lord we had made the choices we had this time around. Thanking Him that our travels were safe and timely. Thanking Him that our baby was here, safe, heathy, and so beautiful. And that Millie loved him. So much.

We took the weekend to get to know him, decided on the name August-a name I'd dreamed about since high school. It still makes me swoon. Jerrel had final input on the middle name, Jones. Because he said, "I don't like your family or anything." Silly Sarcasm. Made my heart melt.

August Jones. Sweet boy with a big name and yawn.

All and all we had a wonderful baby moon weekend. My aunt and uncle were fantastic and my cousin was so patient with a little girl who thinks the teenager is pretty darn cool to follow around.
We couldn't be more thankful for our time there.

So that's it. That's how August got here and how we almost had a baby on the road. But I'd do it all again in a heartbeat. The same way. Ok, well maybe I'd leave like an hour or two sooner. But really, August's birth went exactly the way it was supposed to go. Couldn't be more thankful.


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