Millie's Turning Three!

Looking back turning two wasn't so hard. It didn't seem as big of a milestone. Three though? I just sounds like a kid. A big kid. 

Millie's 3rd birthday is tomorrow and we are all excited. This year is fun because there are choices to be made. There are opinions to be listened to. There are projects to be involved in. They go as follows. 
"I want a puppy party."
"I want a puppy gog (dog) cake."
"I want sloppy joes to eat for my party."
"I want to go ice skating"

Alright. We can do that. The ice skating thing is going to have to wait until we can get to K-town though! 

In the last year so much has changed with Millie. Last year she really wasn't saying much. She was understanding every-loving-thing but not actually speaking much. Well. That has changed. She says everything now. She carries full conversations. She doesn't shy away from any word, large, small, naughty, or nice. Stethoscope and delicious are a regular part of her vernacular. Her imagination is wild and her curiosity is deep. 

She enjoys Daniel Tiger once a day, playing in her sandbox, and feeding her animals. She has multiple costume changes throughout the day making laundry my hobby. Playdough and paint are her forever favorites. Millie is also quite the entrepreneur and has a "Shop" in our dining room at her desk. We hear "Come to my shop and look around." About 30 times a day and almost everything she sells is "Five hundred dollas." She also loves to cook in her kitchen and has treated her father and I to a few date nights full of pretend tea and plastic waffles. 

We are always in awe of her intelligence, her comprehension of books, questions, and conversations. We adore her spunk and giggles. We are challenged by her persistence and willfulness. But all of these things add up to a girl that we couldn't have created better if we had tried. We just love the girl He gave us. No matter what the day brings. 

And now, we look in those big eyes and see "The best sister ever." and she hasn't even met the new little one yet. She loves so big. We see our baby and our little girl all at the same time. We see someone who we've somehow only known for three years yet it feels like forever. Funny how that happens. So I'm off to finish a "puppy gog" cake and hoping my feet don't swell too much in the process.

I'm so thrilled to celebrate 3 year of being this chickies Momma. She's just the best thing ever.

Happy 3rd Birthday Millie girl.

Love, Momma and Daddy


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