Wedding Wednesday

My whole vision for our actual wedding has always been short, sweet, intimate, with emphasis on family. Part of this vision included, of course, food. We wanted a nice meal to enjoy - as a family.

We have finally got our act together and found a place to partake in the final element of our day. Enter in Shanty Creek. We had a woman recommend the place and after looking at their site it seemed to fit the bill.

So I think it's safe to say that we are coming close to the close of the Michigan "To Do" list. We just need to get there.

8 weeks!

And that's this weeks Wedding Wednesday. 



New Temporary Normal

I've had a Spring Break. It was basically simply a figure of speech because I had so much homework but it was still nice to have some time and it had snow. Which was just fine as well. But now it's time to face the facts. 

The 5 weeks left of school facts. 

And I'm totally thrilled about that fact but there is a small catch. There always seems to be a catch doesn't there? Senor Smarty Pants is finishing those weeks at home doing an internship at a hospital. I'm finishing mine in K-town. I'm trying to be ok with it. I don't have a full week left, I go home every weekend. Yatta yatta yatta. But please, don't tell me that you know of a worse situation because I am logical enough to know that they exist. I've actually lived one not that long ago. It's just the drastic change. 

So if I'm Debbie Downer it's because I'm feeling a little lost. 

If I seem out of sorts it's because I'm missing watching him fix his shoe laces. 

If I'm forgetful and extra chatty it's because I've been hanging out with my grandparents exclusively too long.


Come on Thursday. 


Friday's Letters

Dear Spring Break, You are never quite long enough, please don't end, please, please, please. Dear Jerrel, sorry about biting your head off. Promise to try harder. This phase won't last long. Dear Wedding Registry, you are more work than I intended. As well as a little more fun than I thought. Silly me. Shout out to Knowlen & Yates-I may have found my new hang out, and I don't even care to cook much.  Dear Snow, I'm not upset that you may make your appearance again. I know some people give you a bad wrap, especially in the middle of March, but not me. Never ever. Dear dreams, settle down please. You are making me want to do things I cannot do right now, have a baby, go skiing-they just don't fit. Dear Lucy, you smell like a dog. Dear Farm-fresh eggs, why would anyone want to eat any other egg from any other origin? I just don't get it.



Wedding Wednesday

I'm on Spring Break and I did some observation yesterday. The teacher introduced me with my teacher name and then made the comment about how if they see me around the school next year I will have a different name. 

Mrs. A.

Just when I start answering to Miss J. Go figure. 

Sure, I knew it was going to happen, but for someone else to point it out and then for me to say it just brought it home. I'm going to see kids in the grocery store and they are going to say, "Hi Mrs. A!" They are going to be shocked when Mrs. A is wearing sweats, getting gas, or getting her hair done. Because that's what kids do with their teachers. At least that's what I did and do with mine. I'll be in another class almost, as Mrs. A. I'm going to have parents calling me that. And for some kids that's who I will be-forever.

Photo Credit
I quite like how dainty Miss J sounds. And Jerrel has been adamant that I'm called "Miss" not "Ms." and I agreed. He is thrilled with this little obvious realization I had yesterday. However, I'm not sure I can fill the shoes of a "Mrs." Let alone get used to it being a different name at the end. Mrs. seems grown up, more serious-less me. I'll have to do my best to make it fit me. 

For a teacher it's almost like you are getting a new first name because this is the name you will hear all. day. every. day. So this Wednesday's post isn't exclusively about the wedding, but without the wedding I wouldn't have this change. And that's what's going through my noggin. 

And that's this weeks Wedding Wednesday. 



My Own Devices

When I am left to my own devices I doubt. I worry. I over-think. I become overwhelmed. I smile less and I cry more. I fear. I obsess. I get lost.

With so much on my plate these days one might think that I may have slipped into the actions above. But I haven't or at least hadn't until I was alone for an hour and a half. The longest time I have truly and totally been without another human, besides sleeping. It was then, when I was left to my own devices that my mind and Satan decided to have a little party.

But Christ quickly picked me up.

And with him I am confident. I have peace. I have clarity. I have comfort. I have leadership. I am reassured and reminded that I am not doing this alone. Because I've surrendered to Him, I'm following the lead. And that's hard sometimes but with the big stuff that's been happening in our lives the last few weeks it's proof of this fact, "...that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."  Romans 8:28

And so I know tomorrow I will have the same opportunity to become worried and overwhelmed but I won't choose my own devices. I won't choose to rely on myself and what I know because my knowledge and efforts are nothing compared to the infinite wisdom and ability of God. I will continue to choose to follow the lead and be confident and smiley in knowing that God is working and that I must to get out of his way.



Wedding Wednesday

This week is a week of numbers.
Week 10 of school.
1 week until Spring Break (do you hear the angels singing?)
10 weeks till Wedding.

All of these numbers are written in my planner and have been since...week 1 of school and week 1 of being engaged. I have felt each and every week go by, but still cannot believe I am really here!

The list of "To Do's" is still extensive but we are whittling away every chance we get.

Things currently at the top are:
1. Finish table runners
2. Finish Invitations
-Want a project to drive you bonkers? Pick this one! All but done but, one thing is holding me back from saying DONE. Dealt with, moving on.
3. Address LIst
4. Get my dress hemmed
5. Spray Paint my brains out on some finds in need of some love.

Getting Jerrel a suit was on this list but after a highly efficient trip yesterday we have a suit! And he looks very handsome. Checkin' things off the list makes me giddy.

And that's this weeks Wedding Wednesday.



Wedding Wednesday

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue. 

Since I've found my dress I've been racking my brain thinking of what I could wear for each.

Well the Something Borrowed found me.

We visited my Aunt, Beth last weekend. We call her our "Personal Jeweler." She's great, she's worked at Helzbergs for...long time and she is honest and helpful. Beth won't let us buy anything that isn't high quality or she doesn't like. After-all she is going to have to see it for the rest of her life too. We have actually learned a lot during the process and we enjoy learning.

We figured out Jerrels' band and got to see what mine will kinda look like, they don't carry the band in rose gold at the store. It's being made in NY as we speak!

Beth got out her jewelry stash and was showing me some things. She offered a pearl necklace that I would have LOVED to wear but with my dress it wouldn't quite work. (hint?) Then came this ring. She gave it to my Great Grandma Stagemeyer for one of her birthdays. Grandma Stag only had a band so Beth bought her a beautiful ring with a stone to compliment. After Grandma Stag passed Beth got the ring back and had it sized to fit her finger, which happens to fit my finger. She offered to let me borrow and I adore it. It's  a piece that feels special, because it is. On my wedding day I will have this piece to not only remind me of one special relative but two. All that looking, thinking and in a little conversation the piece found me.

This will be one of the few posts that I share about what I will be wearing before the actual wedding. Jerrel does tune in every once in a while and he was disappointed to found out that I bought a wedding dress. Because wedding pant suits and wedding sweat suits were still viable options in his mind. So needless to say he wants to be kept in the dark. I'm not sure if it's because he really wants to be surprised or if he doesn't want to help with the decision making process. Either way I suppose I'll honor his wishes.

And that's this weeks Wedding Wednesday.



Hand Cramp

I'm in a class where we have to become certified in Handwriting. It's been a while and I'm not very good. Evidence is below. Even though I have gotten a 16/16 on all my lessons, I think they may or may not be giving me pity points. This is an occasion that I will take them-gladly. I won't show you my manuscript (printing)-that'd just be embarrassing. 

So when I said the other day that my planner filled some some pretty dry stuff I wasn't lying-this is one thing. I worked for two hours last night on Handwriting and I thought I deserved a hand massage. Apparently not though because Senor Smarty Pants just sat there and let me give myself a hand massage. 

He saw my hard work, he witnessed my beautiful under-curves and almost perfect spacing...well it took a long time anyway. 

I'm going to have to stop typing now though, I feel a hand cramp coming on and typing with one hand just isn't efficient.