Hand Cramp

I'm in a class where we have to become certified in Handwriting. It's been a while and I'm not very good. Evidence is below. Even though I have gotten a 16/16 on all my lessons, I think they may or may not be giving me pity points. This is an occasion that I will take them-gladly. I won't show you my manuscript (printing)-that'd just be embarrassing. 

So when I said the other day that my planner filled some some pretty dry stuff I wasn't lying-this is one thing. I worked for two hours last night on Handwriting and I thought I deserved a hand massage. Apparently not though because Senor Smarty Pants just sat there and let me give myself a hand massage. 

He saw my hard work, he witnessed my beautiful under-curves and almost perfect spacing...well it took a long time anyway. 

I'm going to have to stop typing now though, I feel a hand cramp coming on and typing with one hand just isn't efficient. 


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