Wedding Wednesday

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue. 

Since I've found my dress I've been racking my brain thinking of what I could wear for each.

Well the Something Borrowed found me.

We visited my Aunt, Beth last weekend. We call her our "Personal Jeweler." She's great, she's worked at Helzbergs for...long time and she is honest and helpful. Beth won't let us buy anything that isn't high quality or she doesn't like. After-all she is going to have to see it for the rest of her life too. We have actually learned a lot during the process and we enjoy learning.

We figured out Jerrels' band and got to see what mine will kinda look like, they don't carry the band in rose gold at the store. It's being made in NY as we speak!

Beth got out her jewelry stash and was showing me some things. She offered a pearl necklace that I would have LOVED to wear but with my dress it wouldn't quite work. (hint?) Then came this ring. She gave it to my Great Grandma Stagemeyer for one of her birthdays. Grandma Stag only had a band so Beth bought her a beautiful ring with a stone to compliment. After Grandma Stag passed Beth got the ring back and had it sized to fit her finger, which happens to fit my finger. She offered to let me borrow and I adore it. It's  a piece that feels special, because it is. On my wedding day I will have this piece to not only remind me of one special relative but two. All that looking, thinking and in a little conversation the piece found me.

This will be one of the few posts that I share about what I will be wearing before the actual wedding. Jerrel does tune in every once in a while and he was disappointed to found out that I bought a wedding dress. Because wedding pant suits and wedding sweat suits were still viable options in his mind. So needless to say he wants to be kept in the dark. I'm not sure if it's because he really wants to be surprised or if he doesn't want to help with the decision making process. Either way I suppose I'll honor his wishes.

And that's this weeks Wedding Wednesday.


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