Wedding Wednesday

I'm on Spring Break and I did some observation yesterday. The teacher introduced me with my teacher name and then made the comment about how if they see me around the school next year I will have a different name. 

Mrs. A.

Just when I start answering to Miss J. Go figure. 

Sure, I knew it was going to happen, but for someone else to point it out and then for me to say it just brought it home. I'm going to see kids in the grocery store and they are going to say, "Hi Mrs. A!" They are going to be shocked when Mrs. A is wearing sweats, getting gas, or getting her hair done. Because that's what kids do with their teachers. At least that's what I did and do with mine. I'll be in another class almost, as Mrs. A. I'm going to have parents calling me that. And for some kids that's who I will be-forever.

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I quite like how dainty Miss J sounds. And Jerrel has been adamant that I'm called "Miss" not "Ms." and I agreed. He is thrilled with this little obvious realization I had yesterday. However, I'm not sure I can fill the shoes of a "Mrs." Let alone get used to it being a different name at the end. Mrs. seems grown up, more serious-less me. I'll have to do my best to make it fit me. 

For a teacher it's almost like you are getting a new first name because this is the name you will hear all. day. every. day. So this Wednesday's post isn't exclusively about the wedding, but without the wedding I wouldn't have this change. And that's what's going through my noggin. 

And that's this weeks Wedding Wednesday. 


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