My Own Devices

When I am left to my own devices I doubt. I worry. I over-think. I become overwhelmed. I smile less and I cry more. I fear. I obsess. I get lost.

With so much on my plate these days one might think that I may have slipped into the actions above. But I haven't or at least hadn't until I was alone for an hour and a half. The longest time I have truly and totally been without another human, besides sleeping. It was then, when I was left to my own devices that my mind and Satan decided to have a little party.

But Christ quickly picked me up.

And with him I am confident. I have peace. I have clarity. I have comfort. I have leadership. I am reassured and reminded that I am not doing this alone. Because I've surrendered to Him, I'm following the lead. And that's hard sometimes but with the big stuff that's been happening in our lives the last few weeks it's proof of this fact, "...that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."  Romans 8:28

And so I know tomorrow I will have the same opportunity to become worried and overwhelmed but I won't choose my own devices. I won't choose to rely on myself and what I know because my knowledge and efforts are nothing compared to the infinite wisdom and ability of God. I will continue to choose to follow the lead and be confident and smiley in knowing that God is working and that I must to get out of his way.


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