Friday's Letters

Dear Spring Break, You are never quite long enough, please don't end, please, please, please. Dear Jerrel, sorry about biting your head off. Promise to try harder. This phase won't last long. Dear Wedding Registry, you are more work than I intended. As well as a little more fun than I thought. Silly me. Shout out to Knowlen & Yates-I may have found my new hang out, and I don't even care to cook much.  Dear Snow, I'm not upset that you may make your appearance again. I know some people give you a bad wrap, especially in the middle of March, but not me. Never ever. Dear dreams, settle down please. You are making me want to do things I cannot do right now, have a baby, go skiing-they just don't fit. Dear Lucy, you smell like a dog. Dear Farm-fresh eggs, why would anyone want to eat any other egg from any other origin? I just don't get it.


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