Wedding Wednesday

This week is a week of numbers.
Week 10 of school.
1 week until Spring Break (do you hear the angels singing?)
10 weeks till Wedding.

All of these numbers are written in my planner and have been since...week 1 of school and week 1 of being engaged. I have felt each and every week go by, but still cannot believe I am really here!

The list of "To Do's" is still extensive but we are whittling away every chance we get.

Things currently at the top are:
1. Finish table runners
2. Finish Invitations
-Want a project to drive you bonkers? Pick this one! All but done but, one thing is holding me back from saying DONE. Dealt with, moving on.
3. Address LIst
4. Get my dress hemmed
5. Spray Paint my brains out on some finds in need of some love.

Getting Jerrel a suit was on this list but after a highly efficient trip yesterday we have a suit! And he looks very handsome. Checkin' things off the list makes me giddy.

And that's this weeks Wedding Wednesday.


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