What do you get someone who is pretty redneck, 19, male, good sense of humor, dreams of mullets, and just a little tacky?

Basically something along these lines. Yes that is an awful mullet wig. Thank you for asking.

Happy Birthday Aaron! Hope you have an awesome day, and never, ever, ever become city-fied.

Happy Halloween!



Environmentalism and Christianity

We hear a lot about being environmentally friendly. So many "Save the Planet" mantras. And while a majority of these are well-meaning, "Let's clean up this place." ideas, I've found myself in an odd place as a Christian trying to "Go Green." Which happens to be a phrase I'm not so crazy about. Honestly, I do not feel a responsibility to "Save the Planet" I serve a powerful and sovereign Creator who I believe has that all under control. Some may see that as a cop-out and ask why do anything? Why take care of our green Earth if what's going to happen, is going to happen anyway?

I'm so glad you asked! As a Christian I try not to focus on things of this world, things that clutter my mind. We strive to make this life less-so much less about us. More about Him, more about Jesus. More about the things he does through us. I could cut Facebook, T.V., or phones, but I felt my heart tugging at the things outside my window. The more I saw, heard, and read of our impact on this creation, that God himself loves so much, I felt injustice and even some shame creep up in my heart. I felt that as inhabitants of this earth we are being terribly disrespectful, wasteful, and continually separating ourselves from God with the way we commonly live. This separation I believe is occurring when we get further and further away from using natural products, eating food that is actually food, and continually diminishing and polluting our resources. All things that were freely given to us.

So I make the changes I make out of respect and out of love. For the land for God. When we purposely make choices that pollute our air we are taking advantage of the gift of fresh air. By not growing at least some of our own food we are missing out on the true miracle that is putting a seed in the ground, watching it sprout, grow and then enjoying our harvest. When we do not trust our bodies that were fearfully and wonderfully made, we discount all the amazing things Jesus can do through us-even in the tough times. By not trusting or believing that God created all the things we would ever really need we clutter our lives. We are discounting his love and wisdom when we get caught up in all this stuff and think we know more.

I found this quote a while ago and felt my heart sing when I read it:

But I’m finding sustainable, green living something I am becoming passionate about. It’s a respect for what the LORD has given us. How He desires for us to live in connection to the earth and with each other. How He designed our bodies to thrive in non-toxic conditions and consume whole foods for optimal health (for 120 years even!). It’s all connected and it all works together so well. 
-Laurel of Leaves 

So while some Christians or others may say "It's His job to save the Earth." I say you are right, it's not your job to save the Earth, that is His job, we could never handle such a task. It is our job to respect it. When we do respect and have reverence, suddenly so many of the things we do everyday do not fit into that mold. I also guarantee, you will be worried about clean water when it is in short supply. 

Think about how wonderfully and perfectly our Earth works-it's amazing. When we step back and pay attention to the creation around us we should be in awe. I pray that we all see the respect that is given when we do everything his way.

"The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof." Psalms 24:1



mum's the word monday-not really though

Today would have been Mr. Bob Ross' 70th birthday. I loved watching him paint when I was little. So in honor of him and his day of birth I thought today I would post a little video of him painting. The sound of the brush strokes on the canvas used to relax me to the core, even at 5 years old.  

I've always been a little different...



Fridays Letters

Dear Friday, So glad to see you! Dear Hobby Lobby, Thank you for welcoming me through your doors...twice in two days. The hospitality and sales were greatly appreciated, and I even think my pocketbook enjoyed the experience. Dear Senor Smarty Pants, You don't always say much, but usually  when you do its perfect. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Thank you for putting up with me this semester, you deserve a gold star, or maybe I will buy you that gun you have been talking about. Dear Bath and Body Works candle: "Leaves", Not to be confused with "Fall Leaves." You are possibly the most delicious smelling thing, even though I so enjoy my Scentsy! I am rationing you so you last through this fall as well. Dear Mom, Thanks for understanding some of my frustrations. Dear Kayla, You grew one beautiful babe. I cannot wait to snuggle her. Dear Gift Buying, You are fun. Dear Main and Tail Shampoo, Thanks for making me giggle whenever I see you or say your name. You are just funny to me. Probably because of that Morgan Spurlock documentary, POM Wonderful Presents, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, where you were the "official shampoo." Dear Brown Boots, After four tedious years of looking for just the right pair, I have found you, I have you in my possession now! Welcome to my wardrobe!

Have a beautiful weekend.

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Change is hard. Change sometimes sucks. I think I feel change deeper than most. Sometimes it hurts my heart to change the curtains in my room for heavens sake. Is that pathetic and borderline psychotic? Dunno. Change can be scary because sometimes one small change-changes everything and usually when that happens, I was ok with how things were going.

Friends are awesome. Friends move away, some you loose connections with and some you get back and some you don't. I am a quality not so much a quantity girl and sometimes I say "I don't need friends." in an aloof kinda way. But what I really mean is "I don't need a lot of friends. I don't need a lot of people. I just need my friends, my people." I should start saying that, it makes me sound less cynical.

I wish some people would snap out of it or wake up and smell the coffee. Whatever. Just realize what a tangled web they are weaving and fix it.

Sometimes when I write serious blog posts I get self-conscious of posting them, so they sit in a folder on my desktop. Being this way, ya know, quippy is much easier and less risky for me to put out there. But I'm going to try to *change* that.

You know we don't really know how impatient we truly are until our internet decides to run at a snails pace?

That's all for today folks.



It's Thursday Already?

Whoa! What? It's thursday already and I've only posted a mum's the word. Sorry 'bout that. It's been a different kind of week. I was on fall break...I still hear the angels singing when I say those words. Can't you? I worked a little, I cleaned a little, and I bummed a lot.

I also tried to regroup. I am over halfway through this semester with only 2 left after this one and the wear and tear of this college experince is starting to really come through. I feel a little like the Little Engine That Could with all the " I think I can, I think I can, I think I can." going on up in my noggin'. But, I'm getting frustrated, with many, many things, things that have nothing to do with school. So I'm trying to dig deep, trying to not to lose my mind.

 On the way back from break I just was so sad. It might sound silly to say, but I felt basically defeated. I know, the trivial woes of an American girl who had the " opportunity" to attend college, but this stage hasn't been easy for me. Then Casting Crowns came on the radio and I felt like it was going to be ok. Maybe not fun, maybe not super fantastic, and not easy but I felt like I could do it. So if you are feeling the way I was on Wednesday, or worse, listen to the words and feel the power, because when we are weak he will make us strong.

Casting Crowns  -  In Me



Fridays Letters

Dear Tea Diffusor, You are one genius invention. Dear iPad from UNK, I don't dislike you as much as I thought I would. Who was I trying to kid? I'm an Apple girl through and through. I'll try not to let my rebellion against UNK get between us again. Dear Laundry, Go put yourself away. Dear Cloudy Days, I think I love you just as much as those ridiculously sunny days, how is that possible? Dear C-town Trojans, Play hard tonight, make the drive worth it, please. Dear Senor Smarty Pants, Do not fret too much about your interview, they love you already. You are obviously smart, from the area, cool, calm, and collected and a male nurse-you know they want those, what's not to love? Dear Readers, Have a blessed weekend and check out the song I'm loving this week, goosebumps every time. 

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Thrifty Thursday

Thriftier; Thriftiest 
1. Thriving by industry and frugality: prosperous. 

It's Thrifty Thursday, the time of the week where I share my thrifty finds from garage sales, antique shops, and of course thrift stores.

Once upon a time there was a city wide garage sale. At one of the sales there was a tandem bicycle. The young lady ran to the bicycle but was devastated to find that it had already been marked sold. Later she saw the bike being loaded into a pickup and discovered these people owned a shop in a nearby town and they tended to horde things. The young lady vowed to go and find that bike one day.

That's a true story and last weekend I went back and got my bike! Brad and Nita's is an experience and not an "Oh my gosh I can't wait to get back there!" experience no, it's more like- "If I'm in the right mood, and the weather is right, and I'm really hunting for something I'll go back there.", experience. But I had spotted my bike outside their store-in the elements a few times and I knew it was destined to be mine. 

So mom and I decided to go and check out the store-if you can call it that, and snoop around for the bike. Here's how the conversation went...I'm just going to say things are a little foggy, or smoky up there, however you want to put it, nice guy just a little too much know. 

Brad: Hey ladies, can I help you with anything? Looking for something particular? 
Me: Do you, uh ever get any tandem bicycles in? (sly huh?)
Brad: (eyes wide) I HAVE one!
Me: Oh really? Awesome, how much are you asking for it? 
Brad: $275 (punch in the stomach)
Me: Oh...(walking around the store) 
Brad: I actually bought it at the city wide garage sales did you see it? 
Me: I did. 
Brad: Did you have your heart set on it?
Me: After I saw it was sold. 
Mom: Is that as low as you could go? 
Brad: I'll tell you what, I'll go $180 
Me: $180? I'm a poor college kid. 
Brad: Oh, I'd hate to cut into your profit. 
Me: There will be no profit, that bike is staying with me. 
Brad (about 10 mins later): I'll go $160
Mom: Let's go take a look at it. 
Brad (after looking at the bike): If $20-$30 are making the difference it makes no difference to me, I'll go $140. 

So I walked around the block. And I knew for a fact he paid less than $75, so he was probably giving me a decent deal and I wasn't ripping him off. He was trying so hard and who knows when I will have a chance like this again. Plus I'd been waiting since July, so I told him $140 cash and took my bicycle home. 

The cash was from some of my almost 4 year old graduation money-thanks again to those who gave me a monetary gift! 

I originally told him I'd write a check, he said, "I have a feeling there is going to be a cyber bank crash on Monday, and I won't be able to cash that check." He was serious. Ok, cash it is.

It's a little rough around the edges, but that just gives Daisy character. I'm just happy she's in a good home and no longer out in the elements. You might be thinking this isn't very thrifty but I disagree. I halfway haggled him down-he kinda did that himself, I was just patient and acted kinda aloof. I could spend $140 on going to movies, and get fat from popcorn-but at the end of the night, the movie would be over and the popcorn would be gone. I get to keep this bike. 

Riding is harder than you would think as well, definitely takes some balance work. I forsee lots of fun with this purchase. So happy to have my bike!



The Department of Beauty

You hear talk about the changing colors in the Fall. We ooohh and awww over the colors of the trees, bushes, and fall flowers. Movie sets in the Autumn are almost always back east or in mountainous regions, where the winding roads are lined with colorful and breathtaking rusts, reds, and yellows. 

But what about us? I live among a number of people who don't really think our area is anything to write home about in the beauty department. I think I've made it pretty clear throughout my writings on this blog that I believe I live surrounded by some of the prettiest country on this planet, the simplicity of my home sometimes just gets me all sorts of verklempt.

And I'll admit it, we don't have as many trees, we don't have as much variety-cottonwoods are our staple. We are not however, without color, beauty, or interest.We've had a pretty decent Autumn here
in the middle of nowhere and my mom and I decided to do a little project. We spent our Sunday afternoon enjoying the beautiful weather, capturing some beautiful colors. I will not claim to be the best photographer in the world, nor do I think all these pictures do my home justice. But they are something to look at, something to appreciate, and something to maybe change your mind if you are 
on the other side of the fence. 

This time of year is perfect for taking a walk around your town. Notice things you've never noticed before. Appreciate things you've never appreciated before. I promise you will feel refreshed. 

I love getting to higher ground out here. 

And at the same time I love getting up close and personal. But you guys probably already knew that. 

The sky was so blue!

I love plants, and it's just so amazing to me how they change, how I can take a picture of one in May and by September it can be a whole other kind of beautiful. 

Even the grasses are interesting to me, stuff we walk by almost everyday. I hope I never lose my sense of wonder as I wander through this world. 

Ok, I'll admit that this tree is probably one of the most colorful ones we have in the area, but that makes me appreciate it even more. It's beautiful in this picture but just look at the one below. 

THAT'S what I'm talking about. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is look around you, no matter where you are, splendor can be found. Look at the big picture and get up close and personal all at the same time. Crunch through the leaves and commit the sights around you to memory. You might need them someday. 

My Autumn is spectacular even especially out in the middle of nowhere. 



Game Day

It's another Husker game day. 

They play Ohio state. 

The game is at 7. 

Head Coach is Bo Pelini. 

That about sums up my knowledge of Husker football but I do enjoy watching them play and they do stress me out occasionally. Ok, I know some players names and the offensive and defensive coaches names but I didn't want to show off. Don't want to make anyone feel bad.

I have a very special story to share. My dear friend Frankie has a grandpa that played for the Huskers back in the 1950s and I just had to show you guys. It's just too cool, and funny. The direct quotes from Jerry and the family sound just. like. them. Jerry does not beat around the bush. Ever. And the picture is classic.  Plus it's kinda cool whenever my lovable hometown gets put on the map. I hope Jerry gets to watch a good game today.  So check it out

Go Huskers! 



Fridays Letters

Dear Mitt Romney, couldn’t you use a different first name? I’m getting real tired of Senor Smarty Pants saying “Mittens!” every. time. we hear your name. No that’s not a plug for either candidate. Dear Water, thanks for just being you, refreshing, thirst quenching, hydrous, watery-I’m out of adjectives. Dear Arctic Front, WOW. Way to cool things off, and I’m not going to complain about the opportunity to wear my new mittens. Annnd I just saw Mittens face in my minds eye. Awesome. Dear 10 Minute Trainer, we meet again, please be kind. Dear Moccasins, you are so warm, yet so light and easy to wear, ya’ll are just wonderful. Dear Long Underwear, You get to do your job tonight since it’s supposed to be 27 at the game, never thought I’d get to say that again, hope you had a nice summer break. Dear Fall, in my mind the word splendor is synonymous when I think of you, even here in the cornhusker state. Please stay like this until December. 

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Thrifty Thursday

Thriftier; Thriftiest 
1. Thriving by industry and frugality: prosperous. 

It's Thrifty Thursday, the time of the week where I share my thrifty finds from garage sales, antique shops, and of course thrift stores.

I have a Grandma who's hobby is shopping. She tires of things quickly. She also has good taste. These three facts have played very well for the women in my family. Sometimes when we need things we ask to go in Grandma's back room, it has mustard yellow shag carpet, it's awesome-just thought I'd mention that. It's kinda like having our own private store.

A while back Grandma offered mom this rug. Mom didn't have a real need for it so she said no. But quickly found that we did need a new rug so to Grandma's magical back room she went and hauled this gem home. The rug had been outside, helping the back patio feel more like a "room" so it needed a bath but otherwise it was perfect. 

So I looked at the rug and thought "Cool, I like it." Then mom showed me the right side-that I didn't know existed. Cool texture, huh! Funky and interesting! Good work Grandma! 



You've Got Food On Your Face

I wrote on Friday that adult acne had been creeping up on me. It's been something I've been a little touchy about for stupid, vain reasons. As a teen I never really struggled with acne. About once a month it would rear a small ugly head certainly not unmanageable.

But I've noticed an incline since I turned oh 19 or so. I'm sure the stress of college hasn't helped. The change in water, soft water, hard water, and city water has also messed with my largest organ. I've also noticed my jeans are tighter in the hips so thats exciting...late bloomer

While on my lifestyle shift towards the natural side of things, I stumbled upon the oil cleanse I decided to give it a try, what could it hurt, and the reviews were all positive. It's been about 4 months and the jury's still out on how I feel. I'm not sure I have or ever will have my ratio's correct. I really don't believe my skin is more complicated than others, I think it may just not be the right thing for me.

This month in particular was pretty bad in the acne dept., and I started looking for more information because what I'm doing obviously isn't working.

I have been following Laurel of Leaves for a while now and I really enjoy her perspective. She deals with the icky red spots on her skin too, and has come up with different solutions, and I'm so thankful I've found them! They don't require super special clinical products, are not harsh, and help actually heal your skin, gut, and overall health.

So I'm ready to ditch the oil cleanse and try something else. I would encourage you to try the oil cleanse if you are looking for something different-I'm sure it works for many! I'm going to start wearing less make-up, which will leave me all but bare, and try this Honey Face Mask. Then this Apple Cider Vinegar Toner-I LOVE ACV! Finally, I'll continue to use Coconut Oil as a moisturizer. One last link I'd like to pass along is this article from Eco Beauty Editor, written by Lori. It really gets to the bottom of the issue. I can tell you right now, since I've came to school my diet has kinda sorta reverted back to the old days, not near as real as in the Summer, plus I'm missing my Summer mornings outside. All that direct Vit D...

So, who's with me? Are you willing to put food on your face?