The Department of Beauty

You hear talk about the changing colors in the Fall. We ooohh and awww over the colors of the trees, bushes, and fall flowers. Movie sets in the Autumn are almost always back east or in mountainous regions, where the winding roads are lined with colorful and breathtaking rusts, reds, and yellows. 

But what about us? I live among a number of people who don't really think our area is anything to write home about in the beauty department. I think I've made it pretty clear throughout my writings on this blog that I believe I live surrounded by some of the prettiest country on this planet, the simplicity of my home sometimes just gets me all sorts of verklempt.

And I'll admit it, we don't have as many trees, we don't have as much variety-cottonwoods are our staple. We are not however, without color, beauty, or interest.We've had a pretty decent Autumn here
in the middle of nowhere and my mom and I decided to do a little project. We spent our Sunday afternoon enjoying the beautiful weather, capturing some beautiful colors. I will not claim to be the best photographer in the world, nor do I think all these pictures do my home justice. But they are something to look at, something to appreciate, and something to maybe change your mind if you are 
on the other side of the fence. 

This time of year is perfect for taking a walk around your town. Notice things you've never noticed before. Appreciate things you've never appreciated before. I promise you will feel refreshed. 

I love getting to higher ground out here. 

And at the same time I love getting up close and personal. But you guys probably already knew that. 

The sky was so blue!

I love plants, and it's just so amazing to me how they change, how I can take a picture of one in May and by September it can be a whole other kind of beautiful. 

Even the grasses are interesting to me, stuff we walk by almost everyday. I hope I never lose my sense of wonder as I wander through this world. 

Ok, I'll admit that this tree is probably one of the most colorful ones we have in the area, but that makes me appreciate it even more. It's beautiful in this picture but just look at the one below. 

THAT'S what I'm talking about. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is look around you, no matter where you are, splendor can be found. Look at the big picture and get up close and personal all at the same time. Crunch through the leaves and commit the sights around you to memory. You might need them someday. 

My Autumn is spectacular even especially out in the middle of nowhere. 


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