Game Day

It's another Husker game day. 

They play Ohio state. 

The game is at 7. 

Head Coach is Bo Pelini. 

That about sums up my knowledge of Husker football but I do enjoy watching them play and they do stress me out occasionally. Ok, I know some players names and the offensive and defensive coaches names but I didn't want to show off. Don't want to make anyone feel bad.

I have a very special story to share. My dear friend Frankie has a grandpa that played for the Huskers back in the 1950s and I just had to show you guys. It's just too cool, and funny. The direct quotes from Jerry and the family sound just. like. them. Jerry does not beat around the bush. Ever. And the picture is classic.  Plus it's kinda cool whenever my lovable hometown gets put on the map. I hope Jerry gets to watch a good game today.  So check it out

Go Huskers! 


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