You've Got Food On Your Face

I wrote on Friday that adult acne had been creeping up on me. It's been something I've been a little touchy about for stupid, vain reasons. As a teen I never really struggled with acne. About once a month it would rear a small ugly head certainly not unmanageable.

But I've noticed an incline since I turned oh 19 or so. I'm sure the stress of college hasn't helped. The change in water, soft water, hard water, and city water has also messed with my largest organ. I've also noticed my jeans are tighter in the hips so thats exciting...late bloomer

While on my lifestyle shift towards the natural side of things, I stumbled upon the oil cleanse I decided to give it a try, what could it hurt, and the reviews were all positive. It's been about 4 months and the jury's still out on how I feel. I'm not sure I have or ever will have my ratio's correct. I really don't believe my skin is more complicated than others, I think it may just not be the right thing for me.

This month in particular was pretty bad in the acne dept., and I started looking for more information because what I'm doing obviously isn't working.

I have been following Laurel of Leaves for a while now and I really enjoy her perspective. She deals with the icky red spots on her skin too, and has come up with different solutions, and I'm so thankful I've found them! They don't require super special clinical products, are not harsh, and help actually heal your skin, gut, and overall health.

So I'm ready to ditch the oil cleanse and try something else. I would encourage you to try the oil cleanse if you are looking for something different-I'm sure it works for many! I'm going to start wearing less make-up, which will leave me all but bare, and try this Honey Face Mask. Then this Apple Cider Vinegar Toner-I LOVE ACV! Finally, I'll continue to use Coconut Oil as a moisturizer. One last link I'd like to pass along is this article from Eco Beauty Editor, written by Lori. It really gets to the bottom of the issue. I can tell you right now, since I've came to school my diet has kinda sorta reverted back to the old days, not near as real as in the Summer, plus I'm missing my Summer mornings outside. All that direct Vit D...

So, who's with me? Are you willing to put food on your face?


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