Fridays Letters

Dear Mitt Romney, couldn’t you use a different first name? I’m getting real tired of Senor Smarty Pants saying “Mittens!” every. time. we hear your name. No that’s not a plug for either candidate. Dear Water, thanks for just being you, refreshing, thirst quenching, hydrous, watery-I’m out of adjectives. Dear Arctic Front, WOW. Way to cool things off, and I’m not going to complain about the opportunity to wear my new mittens. Annnd I just saw Mittens face in my minds eye. Awesome. Dear 10 Minute Trainer, we meet again, please be kind. Dear Moccasins, you are so warm, yet so light and easy to wear, ya’ll are just wonderful. Dear Long Underwear, You get to do your job tonight since it’s supposed to be 27 at the game, never thought I’d get to say that again, hope you had a nice summer break. Dear Fall, in my mind the word splendor is synonymous when I think of you, even here in the cornhusker state. Please stay like this until December. 

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