It's Thursday Already?

Whoa! What? It's thursday already and I've only posted a mum's the word. Sorry 'bout that. It's been a different kind of week. I was on fall break...I still hear the angels singing when I say those words. Can't you? I worked a little, I cleaned a little, and I bummed a lot.

I also tried to regroup. I am over halfway through this semester with only 2 left after this one and the wear and tear of this college experince is starting to really come through. I feel a little like the Little Engine That Could with all the " I think I can, I think I can, I think I can." going on up in my noggin'. But, I'm getting frustrated, with many, many things, things that have nothing to do with school. So I'm trying to dig deep, trying to not to lose my mind.

 On the way back from break I just was so sad. It might sound silly to say, but I felt basically defeated. I know, the trivial woes of an American girl who had the " opportunity" to attend college, but this stage hasn't been easy for me. Then Casting Crowns came on the radio and I felt like it was going to be ok. Maybe not fun, maybe not super fantastic, and not easy but I felt like I could do it. So if you are feeling the way I was on Wednesday, or worse, listen to the words and feel the power, because when we are weak he will make us strong.

Casting Crowns  -  In Me


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