Change is hard. Change sometimes sucks. I think I feel change deeper than most. Sometimes it hurts my heart to change the curtains in my room for heavens sake. Is that pathetic and borderline psychotic? Dunno. Change can be scary because sometimes one small change-changes everything and usually when that happens, I was ok with how things were going.

Friends are awesome. Friends move away, some you loose connections with and some you get back and some you don't. I am a quality not so much a quantity girl and sometimes I say "I don't need friends." in an aloof kinda way. But what I really mean is "I don't need a lot of friends. I don't need a lot of people. I just need my friends, my people." I should start saying that, it makes me sound less cynical.

I wish some people would snap out of it or wake up and smell the coffee. Whatever. Just realize what a tangled web they are weaving and fix it.

Sometimes when I write serious blog posts I get self-conscious of posting them, so they sit in a folder on my desktop. Being this way, ya know, quippy is much easier and less risky for me to put out there. But I'm going to try to *change* that.

You know we don't really know how impatient we truly are until our internet decides to run at a snails pace?

That's all for today folks.


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