Environmentalism and Christianity

We hear a lot about being environmentally friendly. So many "Save the Planet" mantras. And while a majority of these are well-meaning, "Let's clean up this place." ideas, I've found myself in an odd place as a Christian trying to "Go Green." Which happens to be a phrase I'm not so crazy about. Honestly, I do not feel a responsibility to "Save the Planet" I serve a powerful and sovereign Creator who I believe has that all under control. Some may see that as a cop-out and ask why do anything? Why take care of our green Earth if what's going to happen, is going to happen anyway?

I'm so glad you asked! As a Christian I try not to focus on things of this world, things that clutter my mind. We strive to make this life less-so much less about us. More about Him, more about Jesus. More about the things he does through us. I could cut Facebook, T.V., or phones, but I felt my heart tugging at the things outside my window. The more I saw, heard, and read of our impact on this creation, that God himself loves so much, I felt injustice and even some shame creep up in my heart. I felt that as inhabitants of this earth we are being terribly disrespectful, wasteful, and continually separating ourselves from God with the way we commonly live. This separation I believe is occurring when we get further and further away from using natural products, eating food that is actually food, and continually diminishing and polluting our resources. All things that were freely given to us.

So I make the changes I make out of respect and out of love. For the land for God. When we purposely make choices that pollute our air we are taking advantage of the gift of fresh air. By not growing at least some of our own food we are missing out on the true miracle that is putting a seed in the ground, watching it sprout, grow and then enjoying our harvest. When we do not trust our bodies that were fearfully and wonderfully made, we discount all the amazing things Jesus can do through us-even in the tough times. By not trusting or believing that God created all the things we would ever really need we clutter our lives. We are discounting his love and wisdom when we get caught up in all this stuff and think we know more.

I found this quote a while ago and felt my heart sing when I read it:

But I’m finding sustainable, green living something I am becoming passionate about. It’s a respect for what the LORD has given us. How He desires for us to live in connection to the earth and with each other. How He designed our bodies to thrive in non-toxic conditions and consume whole foods for optimal health (for 120 years even!). It’s all connected and it all works together so well. 
-Laurel of Leaves 

So while some Christians or others may say "It's His job to save the Earth." I say you are right, it's not your job to save the Earth, that is His job, we could never handle such a task. It is our job to respect it. When we do respect and have reverence, suddenly so many of the things we do everyday do not fit into that mold. I also guarantee, you will be worried about clean water when it is in short supply. 

Think about how wonderfully and perfectly our Earth works-it's amazing. When we step back and pay attention to the creation around us we should be in awe. I pray that we all see the respect that is given when we do everything his way.

"The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof." Psalms 24:1


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