Fridays Letters

Dear Tea Diffusor, You are one genius invention. Dear iPad from UNK, I don't dislike you as much as I thought I would. Who was I trying to kid? I'm an Apple girl through and through. I'll try not to let my rebellion against UNK get between us again. Dear Laundry, Go put yourself away. Dear Cloudy Days, I think I love you just as much as those ridiculously sunny days, how is that possible? Dear C-town Trojans, Play hard tonight, make the drive worth it, please. Dear Senor Smarty Pants, Do not fret too much about your interview, they love you already. You are obviously smart, from the area, cool, calm, and collected and a male nurse-you know they want those, what's not to love? Dear Readers, Have a blessed weekend and check out the song I'm loving this week, goosebumps every time. 

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