My Summer wardrobe addition? 
A pair of Toms!
I am SO happy with them. They are comfy, cute, and go with basically everything. They also are doing some good! I have been wanting a pair for a long time but then their Summer collection came out and this Sea Green color just spoke to me. 
Toms has a "One-for-One" motto. Meaning: You buy a pair and they give a pair to a child to has no shoes. To protect their feet from possible injuries that can occur when you have no shoes whatsoever and are walking all the time on everything. So you are paying for 2 pairs of shoes and that makes it worth it! 
Go here to buy your own Toms:



The little boys I watch got a puppy. A little 6-week old darling, spunky, chocolate lab named Lilly. She is so fun. 

But there is a bit of an issue. 

The boys are scared of dogs. Specifically the older boy. He has always been scared of dogs. Then it kinda developed into a fear of basically all animals. He gets hysterical and is constantly on the lookout for an animal. This fear is now becoming his younger brothers fear as well. His parents know he needs to move on and so they figured they should get a nice puppy that the boys can grow with and it just might help this "phobia"

I feel so bad for him. He told me two weeks ago "I have no word for it. I can't explain why I am scared. I just am. I have no word." 

So they went and saw the puppy often as she was growing with her 11 brothers and sisters. He did very well, just wasn't so sure about the mother. But now the puppy is home, and suddenly he wants nothing to do with her. He wont play with her and he doesn't want to see her. When I take the baby out alone he does well. His uncertainty is normal for his age and he overcomes it, unless his older brother is with him, which makes sense. "If HE is scared then shouldn't I be?"

I know this puppy needs love and lots of play time, and the only way she is going to be ok for the boys is if they play with her. We are home all day and we cannot pretend she doesn't exist! She's way too cute for that. So after putting the baby down for a nap I asked if we should go play with the puppy. "No." was the answer.  A look of terror came over him. After some reasoning and explanation that seemed to get me nowhere I decided to...bribe. Yikes. 
"How about a quarter? Will you play with her for a quarter?" 
"You will give me a quarter?" (said in disbelief.)
"Yes. Lets go." (said in slight annoyance.)
When we got out there I could see that the fear was real, but maybe not as serious as I thought. I had to hold the puppy, have control of her, and he had to warm up to her to even stand by her. Ugh, we have a long way to go. 

"Can I have my quarter now?"
"No. We just got out here." 

These two organisms have so much energy, they belong together!

By the end of the play time he would try to play tug-o-war and he did pet her. Twice.

Yes, I did in fact pay a small child to play with his puppy. I didn't  even know that could happen. 




We have had some wind. Some is an exaggeration. The kind of wind that twist branches until they break from trees, it blows trees over. The kind of wind that twists and mangles stock trailers and moves and tips over grain carts. THAT'S the kind of wind we have had. The landscape here is all leaning to the south, tired of standing up to that northern wind. I must admit that I'm getting tired of standing up to the wind. I may start leaning to the south as well. If you see me, please excuse my hair. "Fly-aways" doesn't even begin to describe it!
We have dealt with this wind and so far have minimal damage compared to most. But this wind, it really sucks...or blows...whatever you want to say. 




While Senor Smarty Pants slaved away at building fence I spent my day...

Building THIS!
I think it's clear who won. 




I just got home from a lovely evening at Senor Smarty Pant's home. It was wonderful. We spent the evening on "The Bricks" as his brother nicknamed their new covered patio. It's so peaceful out there and they have the prettiest view. Granted, I am biased because of my love for my state and its landscape of prairies, farmland, tree lined creeks (which are pronounced "cricks") and valleys.

You know some people spent this evening invested in a game, hoping their team would win, others had other social engagements. But not me, no way. I was way too invested in the new patio furniture and the cool breeze coming and going to care about any of those things. I hope everyone can experience that kind of quiet and peace oh so soon.

I love my quiet, simple life.



:strawberry shortcake:

Another recipe from the little book! 
Strawberries are great this time of the year. 

 Beat 1/2 cup milk, sour cream and 3 Tbsp of sugar in large bowl with whisk. Stir in 2-1/4 baking mix and then spread in greased 9-inch round pan. Bake for 12 to 15 mins. Cool completely and then cut horizontally in half, using toothpicks as a guide (genius) 

Add 3/4 cup milk, to pudding mix and beat, stir in half a tub of Cool Whip.
Stack cake layers on plate, spreading the pudding mixture and 2 cups of cut and sugared strawberries, top with Cool Whip and remaining strawberries. 



I know, I haven't been too active. But my computer time has consisted of writing and submitting mock lesson plans. Does it make me a rotten Education major to say its been kinda a drag? Anyway, the class is done and now my computer time will be spent on catching up on reading other blogs and writing my own!

My Garden:
It was looking so sad. I even replanted lots of stuff. I put some Miracle Grow on my tomatoes and peppers and well, hoped for a miracle. There goes my hope for an "organic garden." I think it worked though. They look like new plants.

My Job:
It's fun, but exhausting, nap time is a good time. The boys are great and B1, as Aaron calls him, is so helpful and fun to do activities with. I have enjoyed answering many, many questions and helping B2 master the skill of walking.

I'll be back!



Black Bottom Banana Pie

I picked up a free little book at the grocery store. It was full of recipes, none of which required the oven to be turned on. Black Bottom Banana Pie, yum! Better than Banana Cream Pie.

First I would suggest getting a little helper....this recipe is great for them.

Crush 25 Vanilla Wafers and add 4 Tbsp of butter, and 2 Tbps. of sugar.

Press into your pie pan.

Melt about 1/2 cup of Semi-Sweet chocolate chips with 2 Tbsp of butter and pour over crust. Then top with 2 sliced bananas.

Beat the pudding mix to a frenzy and then pour over bananas. 

Put in fridge for 4 hours and top with Cool Whip and a bit of the reserved crust.