A Tale of Two Chairs

Hello there! 

Remember that one time we were renovating a house and we had the whole "Do we patch the spot where the floor furnace was or not?" question.  And you guys helped me decide to gently ask my husband to spend two of his days patching and feathering in pieces to make it look whole again. He really thanks you for that. I do too. It actually turned out fantastic, it was the right call. 

And even though I've totally sucked at showing you guys the fruits of our labor, as it's been so.slow.going. But at the same time we have been trying to movesofast. I've just lacked inspiration and motivation the last 5 months or so. You know because my brain was melting and all from the summer heat. 

Sorry, I'm just not quite ready to let my no air conditioning pity party end. But now that it's officially Fall, I've made soup twice, and I have cozy socks on I've got my groove back and today I need ya'lls opinions again! 

Now that I'm about to ask, though I'm seeing how weird it is that it's Fall and I'm asking your opinions on my front porch...

Anyway, last Friday my Mom and I went junking. Millie and Jerrel were there too but they were more interested in Pedro the antique wiener dog. Which I can't blame them, he is cute and classic. We headed over to Lemon Street Antiques, one of my favorite spots. I grew up with Gina's daughter Frankie, who is still one of my favorite ladies in the land. I love going to see Gina, her junk, and her dreamy house. It's like my own houses' cool aunt. Mission craftsman with a front porch you just want to curl up on. Anyway we were mainly looking for some new fixtures for my mom's boutique, things to switch it up a bit, but some chairs caught my eye and so they came home with me. 

I've been wanting some matching furniture for the front porch and in typical Jessica fashion I've been indecisive and cheap. But I'm glad I've waited for these babies! I've never seen any like them. They don't fold but they look like it and are in great shape ready for paint. So what color?! 

First. Pay no mind to my sad flowers, we got frost this morning and I think it's time for them to go. Moving on to pumpkins. Second. Pay no mind to our porch flooring. We are working on a low-cost, low time investment solution for now as the real fix is lower on the priority list. Hopefully next week I'll have our solution to share with you.

Back to the chairs.

Cream-classic, understated, won't take away from the architecture of our house or the design of the chairs....they may get lost though.

Dark Green-Hunter or of the Jade variety. Our roof has green shingles and I love how it plays off the lighter green of our house. So I thought these chairs would be nice to bring that down.

Pink...Light, light pink. I have pink in my door mat and I thought HEY I could paint these pink! Jerrel has already said I can never have a pink house (Thirteen going on Thirty style) so maybe I can have pink porch chairs. I'm actually leaning towards the pink. The accent color on our moulding is purpley maroon so I think it would be a nice compliment.

See what I mean. The Pink?!

Your thoughts are appreciated and I will show you when they are done.

EnJoy the weekend!